1988-02-25, The Centrum, Worcester, MA

Tunnel of Love Express Tour
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Ralph wrote: Opening Night, US Tour. It was a cool day with no snow. Why not? Bruce was in town and the town was red hot. Central Massachusetts kinda like being on the NJ Turnpike in 'Open All Night'. There was a big contingent of Bruce fans from the NY/NJ/Philly area. We walked in and there was this giant grey stage that was awesome. The band would enter the stage from a walkway under Max's drumkit. It was a great way to enter the arena. Bruce and the band were red-hot and played a good deal of River and TOL music. It was a time of change for Bruce and he was home. This was Opening Night. It was not quite home in NJ, but it was the good old USA. He was coming off of a huge BUSA Tour and this was TOL. Amazing. After the show, I got a chance to get on the stage the next morning. I was chatting with a guitar technician (in 88, could it have been Kevin?) and got onstage. I stood where Bruce stands. I was in awe. How can someone have so much command of his disciples. Amazing. I stood there and took in the moment. How does Bruce do this every night? How do the fans rally to do this every night? It all works. Somehow, how can it not? See ya further on up the road - Forever friends, rap


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