1975-02-05, The Main Point, Bryn Mawr, PA

The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle Tour
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Anthony Bisti wrote: Unfortunately, this show was before my time. But fortunately, I have gotten to hear some of it. The show was broadcast on WMMR in Philly, so bootlegs of it exist. Some of the songs can be found on youtube, including Incident, Mountain of Love, and I Want You. Just search for "Bruce Springsteen Main Point 1975." Incidentally (get it), nearly 25 years later I got to hear Bruce open another Philly show with "Incident." (September 25, 1999 - I will write my account of that show on this site as well.)

Tommy Beck Kobberoe wrote: The whole show is available now on CD or MP3 download from i.e. Amazon, Emusic


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