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Brandon White wrote: This was my first Bruce show ever.. I am only 16 years old, and though I have not been a fan for as long as most, I am still a huge fan.. I had people 20 years older than me tapping me on the shoulder and asking me 'what song is this?' when Bruce was playing "Incident" , I was one of the few people near me that knew every lyric to every song played. It was a great show, Bruce completley blew me away. I had seen the NYC show on HBO and thought it was great, but it had no comparrrison to the show I saw. Seeing Don Henley come out was awsome. The entire show was great, I can still remember every minute of it. I cant wait to see him again. Bruce jumping on the piano, sliding across the stage on his knees.. Just awsome.

Paul Tayyar wrote: Electrifying...Opens with the haunting, anthemic The Rising, and from its opening chords the night becomes a magical, near-religious experience. The band is as tight as I've ever seen it, and Suzie Tyrell's violin adds an even richer, more textured feel to the E Street's sounds. Atlantic City is heartbreaking, and Born in the USA is downright bone-chilling. I've been waiting my entire life to hear him play that song electric. Springsteen is the greatest live performer in rock and roll history, and tonight was further proof of that fact.

Lisa wrote: Had only heard a few songs on WHFS prior to seeing this show. I remember being totally blown away! Martin Mull opened for Bruce, and the stage slowly turned. Changed my life - I've never missed seeing him in the DC/MD area since that night. 60+ shows and still counting ...

Scooter wrote: My Second Bruce Show. I was blown away from the versions of Mary's Place and No Surrender. Best Show i've see so far I Was 12 years old. I'll never Forget it.

Erosion wrote: This was a very interesting show. It was the classic 73-74 setlist that featured his warmup act that tour but they also double booked Buzzy Linhart so he played too. The show was in a storm and the theater was those theater in the round places with half closed off so you could see the stage forward.

Dave L wrote: This was my first Bruce and the E Street band experience.My buddy and I had gotten tickets the day they went on sale on our lunch break.
We got 16 front row seat tickets.We had to wait three months because the original date of Mid may had been cancelled and rescheduled.
It was definitely worth the wait.
Myself and 15 other buddies walked to our front row seats at about 5 minutes before showtime like we were the mayors of the city.
From the thunderous opening of Badlands to the rip roarin and rockin Quarter to Three we were all witnessing something special something cool,something amazing and we were totally blown away.
Bruce was at times three feet in front of us on a stepdown stage whaling on his guitar at one time and then standing back to back with Clarence who was delivering his own magic on the saxaphone.Bruce was lying on his back on the piano during one tune and someone behind us threw a rose up at him and it landed right on his chest. He picked it up, looked at it and smiled surprisingly then jumped off the piano with it and threw it back into the crowd and continued to rock the house.
I have seen Bruce and the ESB 10 times.They have all been special and wonderful in their own way.
But there is nothing like your first time seeing this great musician and his great band.
Thanks for the wonderful memories.
Look forward to seeing you all again.

John Hocking wrote: I'm very lucky to have been at this show, one of Bruce's most highly bootlegged. I can had a little to what is heard on the radio broadcast.

At one point, during the Detroit Medley, I think, Bruce acted like he had been called off the stage. He return after about 30 seconds and asked the band to "bring it down." He announced that he had "been asked by the hall management to ask those with a weak heart or a weak stomach to step out into the lobby during the next section of the show." So something really big must be coming, right.

He and Clarence stood in profile on the left side of the stage, and he said something like, paraphasing, "when we do this you might suffer light enjuries... when we do *this* you might get off with major injuries and a trip to the hospital, but when we do THIS, you're in trouble.

There's a pause and Bruce says, "now all the people on the radio are wondering what we're doing." The audience begins to react, but quietly at first, but as more people get the joke, the response develops into a roar as people realize that we are necessary to play the joke on everyone listening that night, and as it turn out, everyone ever to hear the bootleg for perhaps a 100 years.

What were Bruce and Clarence doing? Essentially nothing. They took a step forward each time he said "this," and did what I would call as under exaggerated hip thrust.

It was a joke on those who could see how little they were doing, but a funny one only if the audience played alone, and we did, as more people realized it was a joke and we were necessary to pull it off. So louder and louder the response came as we realized we were both benificaries and part of the joke.

At the end, after Raise Your Hand, Bruce and the Band were off the stage for three of four minutes. The equipment was off, house lights were turned on and I think post-show music was playing. I say, "I think," because the audience was just roaring at about 115 decibels. (Festival seating - about 5,000 capacity) This transistioned into, "Bruce, Bruce, Bruce, Bruce...and then back into the roar. Finally, Bruce came back by himself. He was completed drenched, as if he had stepped into a shower. He said, "we're off the radio now, but we'll do one more for you guys."

Within a minute or so the band was back on the stage, the equipment back on, and Bruce said, "this is the first song I learned to play on the guitar." It was about ten minutes of Twist and Shout, with Bruce standing on speakers eight or ten feet off the stage for the big ones. [He did not play Quarter to Three - my best guess is that was played the next night, a show I could have easily attended but did not, a mistake I regret to this day.]

At the end, he pulled his shirt open, button flying everywhere, and shouted, "I'm just a prisoner.... of ROCK n' ROLL.

Matteo wrote: hi evrybody, i just came back from the first fall show of the 2nd euro leg of the 2006 tour. I had already saw the SSband in Milan in may and i was more impressed.. maybe because it was NEW.

I appreciated the slightly setlist changes and the world premiere of the SSband rendition of THE RIVER (very beautiful.. with an Irish mood...with a good whistle part) I heard the first euro ATLANTIC CITY, wich was a very good one too...
The show was much shorter, lasting 2 h 15m.. There little changes in the arrangements of some songs..
IF I SHOULD BEHIND features now an intere verse sung by Patti for example, JACOB LADDER features a new intro that seemed to me like Bruce was jamming with the band and the backin singers calling the chords changes, E street band members will say: "we never need Bruce calling the chords changes":-) Its true guys, but the SSband is a new band and you can't compare this kind of things. OPEN ALL NIGHT was a great dance along and it seems that the intro was expanded..with the musicians introductions..good choice.
I think the last 2 songs were better than the spring tour encores like RAMROD or BUFFALO GALS
In Bologna we had a great gospel song (notes are needed)
and another Irish-mood song (but not a ballad..that was a DANCING one!!!) I read on your setlist that was AMERICAN LAND... great great
All in all a really good show in Bologna, Bruce was great but in Milan he blew me away at my 15? show... only he can do it.
sorry for my english folks but im tired:-)
many thanks
Matteo Callegari

Alberto wrote: A better performance than Bologna, but still shy of Milano last spring.... Bruce looks like acting, and the interaction with the audience does not look genuine.... yet a very welcome Long Time Comin' and Rag Mama Rag, a really Houseshaker....

"cbrooks2000" wrote: Well I had GA tickets and I was bringing my college buddy Dave (his first Bruce concert) so I wanted to get as close as possible. So I packed up the cooler, got the lawn chairs and magazines out and got to Compaq at 10:00. I was stoked because we were 77th in line guranteeing us a spot in the pit. I had no idea what the line would be like but it was awesome. So many hard core springsteen fans exchanging springsteen stories and just enjoying the wait. There were three guys in line who had their guitars and were playing some classic springsteen songs and quite well I must add. Another highlight of the line was a man (who I talked to later inside) ordered pizza for the first 100 people line. It was such a nice thing to do especially being a starving college student. It was great to be in line with all these nice people because everyone was watching out for eachother, if anyone tried to cut there were 10 people on their case. I also must complement the lady in yellow who did a great job maintaining order in the GA line. Later on in the day the news came by and interviewed the lady right infront of us (Delores was her name I think) she was really nice and obviously a huge fan, anyways she got a cameo on the news hopefully it didn't get on the cutting room floor. Ok on to the show . . .

They let us in at about 6:15 , Dave and I (Chad) were about four or five rows back from the stage. I met some great people including Joe who was stoked to see that 20 year olds still loved Springsteen's music. I also talked to the guy who ordered all the pizzas and I learned he hasn't missed a tour since 73. He also mentioned some classic performances at the Bottom Line and Stone Pony . . I am so jealous. The excitement was mounting since the last time I saw the band I was up in the nose bleeds. Well Bruce and the band came on at about 8:30 and played to 11:00. This was by far the best concert I have ever been to. The pit was constantly getting lit up like we were part of the show. Everyone was pumping their fists and raising their hands as we sang along word for word to every song.

Highlights of the night had to be well it was all a highlight but to pick out spots during Waiting on a Sunny Day as we sang along at the end the "do do do do do do do do do" Bruce was looking out at the pit pointing to fans and smiling. Well all of a sudden his finger is pointed right at us as he smiles. We went crazy, the man himself recognizing us. As the show went on I couldn't help but wonder if it was really us he was pointing at. Then during Mary's Place (a song that was made for a live audience) he made eye contact again - I couldn't believe it. After Land Of Hope and Dreams the band all came up and took a bow and once again Bruce was saying something (I couldn't quite read his lips) to different people in the pit. All of sudden he pointed right at us for a third time and all I could do was say THANK YOU over and over again, hopefully he could read my lips.
Needless to say my friend is now sold on Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. Bruce was doing a full cardio workout, sweating the pounds away and sponging himself down between songs. The band was also flawless and I am just praying there is second leg to this tour like the reunion tour. I called my brother after the show (who is also a huge fan) and he couldn't belive my story. He said "Dude, you will never forget this" That is for sure. It seemed like all day that we waited then I blinked and the show was over (I guess because I was having so much fun). After the show my friend and I were talking about him pointing at us and concluded it had to be us since we were the youngest people in the pit. It must be a thrill for Bruce to see that his music is still incredibly popular to fans who weren't even born when Born to Run came out. To close this review all I can say is get out and see this show and if you have the chance get floor tickets and when you do get there early, no matter how long you have to wait it is worth it.

Matteo wrote: 2 days...2shows.. last time was Milano 1999...and now im thinking when it will happen again...
torino was a better show than the opening night in bologna, the setlist changed as you can see, and i had ERIE CANAL (a favourite of mine) instead of EYES ON THE PRIZE (i like that too)..switched songs.. THE RIVER stayed in from the previous night but later in the show , i guess it will stay in all the shows from now, obviusly the new irish arrangment was nice but i think that playing "minor songs" as the only originals of this tour was another proof of Bruce's strongness.
I liked "FURTHER UP.." , finally some space for the backing singers... (Cindy I LOVE YOU..)but sadly there was a bad response to Patti... i was really disappointed...with my friends we try to encorage her to go over that bad moment..and bruce did it too.. and on WHEN THE SAINTS she had a well-earned ovation...
in fact her singin were really better on this later one but i dont like to hear audience booing her..
i guess bruce was disappointed too.. i apologize to bruce and the band... certaily we italians are warm audiences but sometime we forget to show respect to the artists.
All in all a better show than the previous one.. i like the new encores more than the spring tour ones.. AMERICAN LAND is a great closing song
thank you

Emanuele wrote: Great "compact" show, with Bruce not as talkative as usual, and the band ticking like a Swiss clock.
I always appreciate "Jesse James" as an opener, and already in slots 4 & 5 came the first two surprises of the night: "Atlantic City", flowing with an "Ain't Got You" mood & style, mut obsiously more powerful, and then a completely rivisited "Further On (Up On The Road). Good performance for "Oklahoma Home", with more refined vocals than the version I saw in Milan on last May 12th. "Long Time Coming" was another pleasing presence: it's a real shame that the hand written setlist brought "Growin'Up" in the same slot..."Poor Man" also powerful, while a new version of "The River" had its way through the crowd, followed by the swinging "Open All Night".
As for the encores, new life was brought by "Rag Mama Rag, This Little Light of MIne, American Land", played with the whole place jumping around.

Great performance anyway, maybe compressed for the upcoming radio broadcast (just figurin'out...). 2h 10m concert convincing in every aspect.

See you on the road, everyoody!

francesco wrote: IT was for me the 1st SSB-show and I've found it really amazing. Bruce created a wonderful charming "country-fair" atmosphere, that takes you on a ride through different ways to feel the spirit of the popular music: from boogie-rocking to gospel, from Irish-tunes to waltz. All you can do is abandon yourself to this magic, sing, move your hands, move your legs and dance.
Greatest moments of the night, I think, "The River" opened by the irish pipes, the incredible "Open All Night" & "Jacobs Ladder" with a soul introduction, and the final encores "This little Light of Mine" & "American Land": during this song, all the people exploded with joy and happiness!
Strange for me was "Atlantic City": I should listen to it again to better understand: the song has surely a great intensity in the final, as the sound keep'on rising as Bruce's voice sing "C'mon and meet me..." but in the beginning he left me surprised.
The palace was full, but there was place enough for dancing: in the rear of the arena, you could find some completely crazy couples dancing together like in a waltz. Fantastic!
Bruce seemed happy to be here; he started, saying in italian that "7 is a lucky number" as he named the 7 italian cities where he will do his shows. He clap his hands to the crowd after our chorus in Old Dan Tucker and for 2 times he asked us with a "ssssssssht" to stop our singing, because he could not start the other song.
You know, we italians wait for Bruce, to find again the real joy and the happiness, to sing together.
Finally, he gave us, one more time, in one only night, the chance to set us free from all the pain and the uglyness of the day-by-day. He's great. He's the greatest.

David Frith wrote: Where do you start a review of a show as amazing as this? At the begining i suppose!...This was my 5th Bruce show and without doubt the best. It was a bank holiday weekend and a friend and i had attended the previous nights show which was great but we both thought that the band was a little subdude! My friend couldnt make the following nights show (he had a dinner party to go to) can you believe it!!!...Any way as happens at all Bruce shows i had got chatting to some people from Barnsley, which isnt far from where i live. Im from sheffield by the way. So we got to the arena early monday morning hoping to get tickets for that nigts show,and did we ever!! Great seats at the sde of the stage with a perfect view.The band came on and crashed into Badlands then Two Hearts and Darlington County!I hadnt realised that a person could hold thier breath for 10 minutes!but i did!! Those first three songs will stay with me forever!The rest of the show was amazing, just check out the setlist. Not as good as the 78 tour, but as near to perfection as i am ever going to see!The crowd were great!not a single butt was touching a single seat as far as i could see, everyone was to busy dancing.When Bruce and the band finished the show with the beautiful If I Should Fall Behind and Land Of Hope And Dreams i was to tired to leave!Myself and about 20 other people around us who had been singing every song,dancing every dance and shouting every Bruuuuce!just sat there for about 5 minuets just laughing and chatting to each other. People that i had never met before,but who were now my best friends because of what we had just witnessed.I say that we wre chatting but to be honest i could hardly talk,my voice had gone somewhere around Hungry Heart but who cared!! The drive home that night over the Snake Pass back to sheffield was the best drive ive ever had,i didnt need to put a C.D in the player, the show was still ringing in my ears!!Its strange how the world always seems to be a better place as you leave a Bruce show. The traffic lights always seem to be green! The taxi drivers always allow you to pull out in front of them! And even A MacDonalds tastes nice!!!... It's all probobly my imagination i know,but if everybody in the world went to a Bruce show do you think the world would be a better place??... My friends i leave you to decide!!!

Ralph wrote: So, it's been thirty years for me since my first Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band event at Rutgers. I wrote a review a few years back on Greasylake.org and said that this night "lit the fuse". Little did I know that Bruce would write a song called "The Fuse" as few years later. After 106 shows, the fuse is still buring brightly in my life. This show at Rutgers was a perfect show. Bruce and his 'blood brothers' making the audience laugh, cry and beg for more. I was surrounded by friends that I would know forever - and still do some thirty years later. Wow. I have a lot of new friends that are Bruce friends, and that has enriched my life to no end. That night. What a night. The song "Night" opened the show - as it usually did on that tour. Thereafter, a Best of Bruce cornucopia of songs that we would forever love. How could we go wrong? It was the time of our life. Wow! Rap

Ralph wrote: Well, this was a really good one. Some 38 songs and some 5 1/2 hours. The show started at 8:30 and lasted until 1:00pm the following year. It was New Year's Eve and Clarence had the world's largest noisemaker. I got tickets from a co-worker, Gloria, G-L-O-R-I-A, and went with my best friend, Schemer. Bruce was awesome. We smuggled in a bottle of champagne and waited until the Midnight Hour. Bruce was so happy and took the crowd way past Cloud 9. He played everything. With five albums out, he had a repertoire of some 60 songs. He played half from his albums and the rest from the kingdom of heaven - Motown, Blues, Jazz...everything. What a night. It seemed like it lasted forever - maybe it did. If you ever get a chance to see a New Year's Eve show -maybe Southside Johnny, maybe JoBonanno...just go. ENJOY - it's the beginning of a new year. Auld Land Syne forever friends...rap

Ralph wrote: Opening Night, US Tour. It was a cool day with no snow. Why not? Bruce was in town and the town was red hot. Central Massachusetts kinda like being on the NJ Turnpike in 'Open All Night'. There was a big contingent of Bruce fans from the NY/NJ/Philly area. We walked in and there was this giant grey stage that was awesome. The band would enter the stage from a walkway under Max's drumkit. It was a great way to enter the arena. Bruce and the band were red-hot and played a good deal of River and TOL music. It was a time of change for Bruce and he was home. This was Opening Night. It was not quite home in NJ, but it was the good old USA. He was coming off of a huge BUSA Tour and this was TOL. Amazing. After the show, I got a chance to get on the stage the next morning. I was chatting with a guitar technician (in 88, could it have been Kevin?) and got onstage. I stood where Bruce stands. I was in awe. How can someone have so much command of his disciples. Amazing. I stood there and took in the moment. How does Bruce do this every night? How do the fans rally to do this every night? It all works. Somehow, how can it not? See ya further on up the road - Forever friends, rap

Ralph wrote: Thanksgiving Night, 1980. I am home having dinner with my family at age 24 and I need to leave. They would not understand why. Kinda like Bruce's own stories about his own family struggles at home when he was Growin' Up. Better than me leaving was me picking up my good buddies John and Ro (of "Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes" fame). We left for the show at 5pm and raced into the city. Bruce opened with BTR and Ro was in the ladies room as John and I were screaming for her to come out. She did and we danced all night. It was a River tour show extraordinaire. Bruce was hot - Price You Pay, Ramrod, the hits just kept on coming. We made friends, we hugged, we cried. It was the typical four hour Bruce roller coaster of emotions that took us there and back. When the show ended, everyone in NY was outside the Garden and just kept singing all night long. It was a night to remember. Read the songlist. Close your eyes. You'll be there. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. Live at The Garden. How may things in your life are that good? Rock on, forever friends, rap

Susanne wrote: The Show was great !!!
Espacially for us,
we did see the show also in Amsterdam earlier this year and this time we took our sons ( Tom 6 and Nick 8 years old the biggest small fans on earth)
We stood in front of the stage and
there was much eye-contact between
Bruce and our boys. The Bosses Security was great, they brought water and they allowed Tom to watch the show before the fenses because he was to smal to see over it and after a few songs the kids
did get the Setlists. Tom had the
handwritten Setlist, he was very
happy with it !
At the end of the show Nick catched the plectrum of Frank Bruno.
The head of Security pulled up Tom and walked with him towards Bruce.
Bruce took his plectrum and gave it to him and shook his hand.

Thanks Boss and thanks to your men of Security you made our wish come treu !!

Susanne Ansmink
(the Netherlands)

ol'catfishinthelake wrote: My first Bruce show and a great one.
Bruce was VERY loose (drunk?), which led to some hilarity such as the pull your pants down bit and starting Back in Your Arms in the wrong key.
He opened with the fantastic Beautiful Reward on the organ and then Reason to Believe on the bullet mic, a lousy instrument on boots and nearly intolerable live.
After a bit of listening to what sounded like Bruce screaming nonsense into a microphone, a nice but somewhat boring Devils and Dust into a fabulous Empty Sky on electric guitar.
Next came long time comin'-it was great to hear this live, but the lack of backing instrumentals took something away. The next song, however, Black Cowboys, sounded eons better than on the album.
From that haunting gorgeous performance, next was an equally beautiful Back In Your Arms (as previously stated, started in the wrong key.) Then what may be the ultimate For You (after the pants down speech), and another bullet mic song (Johnny 99, not that you could tell).
A haunting State Trooper and a fun All I'm Thinking About led up to a very strong performance of a mediocre song, Cautious Man, and then Reno, which I hate but was probably not bad.
The next two songs were easily the highlight of the night-Lost in The Flood and Real World. Gorgeous duo. Two of his best songs sung in their element.
He pulled out the electric for two more songs, a decent Rising and the great new Further On, before nearly ruining Jesus Was An Only Son by interspersing his banter through the song.
Then a pleasant Two Hearts and a strong Hitter, before closing the first set with Matamoros Banks, a song which I have no clue why he thinks is so good.

The encores were without exception fabulous. A great ukelele I Wanna Marry You was followed by another highlight, Open All Night in basically original form, and the acoustic Land of Hope and Dreams, which is as close to a showstopper as you can get in an acoustic show.
The no-longer-new Promised Land followed, and then a surprise harmonica only rendition of Dirty Water, which was loads of fun.
Finally, the never-ending Dream Baby Dream closed the show (ok, so excellent encores with one exception!)

The show had some flaws (bullet mic, Dream Baby Dream), but overall was a gorgeous performance by Bruce of some of the all time greatest songs.


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