2006-06-24, PNC Amphitheatre, Holmdel, NJ

Seeger Sessions Tour
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Rob Coloney wrote: Ok so just got back from the show. I went despite the rain, and since it was his first show back in Jersey, I expected a surprise or two. Unfortunately, his 'surprises' were not what I had in mind. I, for one, love the Seeger CD, so when he played those songs, he basically rocked, although I hated We Shall Overcome. I also didn't care for his new version of Atlantic City. I thought when he did songs like Old Dan Tucker, Mrs. McGrath, John Henry, O Mary Don't You Weep, etc. Nice additions to the show were also My Oklahoma Home, Bring Them Home, How Can A Poor Man..., Ramrod, & When The Saints Go Marching In. My favorite song of the night was My City Of Ruins, I thought it was riveting, and I've personally never heard it played any better. A lot of emotions ran through my section when he played it. Maria's Bed was not bad either. A few songs he could've dropped were Eyes on the Prize, Open All Night, & You Can Look... Overall, it was BETTER than expected, and it was Bruce in Jersey. When he wanted to rock, he rocked, and that's what I've grown to love about him. Overall, a good night, not the best, but not bad. I'm still waiting for the E-Street Band, but I guess Bruce needs to prove this whole political situation to himself.

Tom Cantillon wrote: Of the 9 shows I've seen of the tour, this was the best. Had a blast standing on the lawn dancing all night as Bruce and band played their hearts out.

During so many other Bruce shows, I remember singing a lot, but never dancing so much; what a spirited jubilation of folk, blues, rockabilly and gospel music.

I remember, at times, feeling the Reunion tour hit some stale moments, but then the Rising Tour hit the road and their was Bruce and band, as energized and passionate as I remember from the River Tour. Bruce and band were probably as good as they'd ever been. Then Bruce did the Devils tour and as it progressed he really loosened up regarding songs and his entire approach to the shows. But people wondered when and if he would rock again. Well, this tour proves he can rock just a shard as ever and I think this music and band further contributed to loosening up Bruce even more by giving him something new to be passionate about. Sure, everyone wants the old Bruce classics, but to get a bunch of "new" songs, sung and played with such enthusiasm, with Bruce having such a blast on stage, this is just as good as any E Street Band show. If you haven't seen the show yet, if he comes around in the fall, see it and join in the celebration of some traditional songs done in typical Bruce Springsteen fashion--an over-the-top, rockin' good time.

Thanks Bruce and band for another great time at the shows and for giving us something to celebrate once again.


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