1988-07-17, Olymipa Riding Stadium, Munich, West Germany

Tunnel of Love Express Tour
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Alex Gregory wrote: I was there...that day changed my life. My first rock'n roll concert - and to date - the best I've ever witnessed. I couldn't sleep for days, I was so amped - I decided there and then I want top be a musician!... Took the train from Austria to Munich, and then got in with my buddy Gerhard -we were about 20 feet from stage!
We were Wet, but the band dry under the stage roof, at least in the beginning.
Then bruce steps out - takes a bucket full of water and pours it over himself. SOLIDARITY !...
Bruce went 3.5 hours....to date every performance gets measured to this!!!
I now live in the US. In fact , westerm movies, space shuttle, star wars, bruce springsteen, bill clinton, california girls and arnold schwarzenegger made me move!...
If that's what's happening over there - I need to be a part of it!
Many great musicians in the world - but very few legends - people legends, who write their own book - larger than life - without trying so hard...
Thanks Bruce for that life changing moment - I wish I could relive it!...
If you ever go to a Bruce show - PLEASE do yourself a favor, try to get CLOSE to teh stage. You gotta see it , feel it - and connect!...

Ricardo J. Colin wrote: Drove down from Ramstein AB. My best friend and I met up with this kid we met waiting in line at the Frankfurt show a 5 days before, Deak Zepz, yeah thats it. We found him waiting in line again.

We didn't have to run as far as we did in Frankfurt. We still had to make a run for the best seats in the house again. Same routine as always, just make a move as soon as possible to claim your spot. It was all worth it. Getting up early in the morning and driving all the way down to Munich for the show. How we found the venue, before the GPS, GOOGLE maps, I don't know.

The show was so good and we were so beat that we all slept til the next morning in my Ford Fiesta.

Will never forget these wonderful events in Germany.


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