2005-11-08, Wachovia Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA

Devils & Dust Tour
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"Drive All Night" played for the first time in 25 years. "Born in the USA" is also a tour premiere. It's done delta blues style.

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T.Cantillon wrote: Hands down, the best I've seen of this tour so far! And for many reasons. First being that I went down without a ticket and ended up in the first row. As I watched Bruce sing a bluesy, harmonica-driven Born in the USA, I noticed his little table shaking and everything shifting with each stomp. Eventually, several things, including the entire pitcher of water fell and shattered--Bruce was so into the song and delivering with such intensity that he hadn't even noticed.

And the night only got better.

I know many are complaining about the set lists and performances, but I have to say that this is a rare glimpse and opportunity to see and hear an artist who is usually so driven and intense on stage, sit back, talk about his songs, relax, and really, really take the time to not only focus on the lyrics, but to dig deep into his cataloge of songs.

It has been an unexpected pleasure to hear such songs as: Real World, Tougher than the Rest, Fade Away, Wreck on the Highway, Stolen Car, Incident, For You, Living Proof and finally, Drive all Night!

I first saw Bruce and band nearly 25 years ago at the Spectrum on December 8th 1980, so last night was an anniversary of sorts.

Highlights: Fade Away was absolutely beautiful. Incident is definitely one of Bruce's best songs and I prefer the piano version to full band -- something more intimate and romantic. Johnny 99, Aint Got You and Open all Night were a blast. It's great to hear I Wanna Marry You. But the absolute highlight had to be Drive all Night! Man, what a powerful performance last night and well worth the standing ovation Bruce got.

Hope that one comes around again for some of the Jersey shows. Great show from start to finish.

Philly Clete wrote: First of two at the Philly Spectrum - Bruce's home away from home. The crowd, of course extremely responsive, was very respectful of the tone of the show. (Bruce didn't have to "scold" the crowd even once to keep it quiet). Bruce was very talkative for this show, with several great stories and intros, including a hilarious rap about how his entire family lived within a three block radius in Freehold. Excellent setlist, topped off by an incredibly intense version of "Drive All Night" (1st time in 25 years) AND the always special "Incident". Other highlights for me included "Fade Away" at the electric piano, "Ain't Got You", "Be True" (complete with Bruce cracking himself up twice during the song with his keyboard prowess). Great encores, consisting of "I Wanna Marry You" on the ukelele, a rockin' "Open All NIght", "Promised Land" and "Dream Baby Dream". As always, the Philadelphia intensity shone throughout the show.


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