2009-03-24, Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ

Working on a Dream Tour
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Thomas Cantillon wrote: I had been ambivalent about going to the show only because, after having seen the rehearsal shows since '99, one realizes that they are a hit or miss opportunity.
For the most part, this was a hit.
Opening with Badlands was a smart move because it just energized the crowd from the start and worked well paired with Outlaw Pete.
Lucky Day, No Surrender and Out in the Street had a lot of energy and Lucky Day has that vibe and energy as if it had been a track from The River sessions, which I love.
Working on a Dream was also good live.
A definite highlight came with Seeds, an amazingly powerful and timely song, linked with a rollicking Johnny 99, blistering Ghost of Tom Joad and cautionary Good Eye.
These songs worked well together and everyone
raved about them!
Hopefully Bruce will keep that 4 pack together as he had done in a similar fashion during the reunion tour with Youngstown, Murder and Badlands.
The Wrestler was a real surprise and a very nice departure from the fast-paced rock songs. It needs to be coupled with another slow song, such as: Something in the Night, Price You Pay,
Stolen Car or Fade Away.
Kingdom of Days was also very good.
Born to Run to close the main set was amazing because everyone expects it in the encores, but it is a powerful way to end a great set on a positive, passionate note. I hope Bruce keeps it that way!
I did want to hear more of the new material, especially This Life, because overall, I was hoping for a different show, something we haven't seen. The Tunnel of Love tour was noticeably different in structure and songs from the Born in the USA tour, and that was refreshing. This tour, with the new material needs that breath of fresh air, casting aside songs and structure that remind fans of either The Rising or Magic tour.
Hard Times did that, as did the new material, they made the show feel fresh.
Land of Hope and Dreams and American Land worked well coupled together.
Overall, a strong performance, with some deliberate thought to a theme.
Hopefully more of the newer songs will be introduced, find their way into the theme of the shows and tour, as well as songs that have not been played as frequently. Lonesome Day, Promised Land, Sunny Day and Darlington need to take a rest.
Hopefully Bruce will consider some of the following songs: Point Blank, Something in the Night, Stolen Car, Drive all Night, Hard to be a Saint, Streets of Fire, Spare Parts, Wreck on the Highway, Better Days, Real World,Human Touch, Cover Me, and in the encores, toss in E S Street Shuffle and Raise Your Hand. It's been a while for some of these. Time to dust them off and mix the show up a bit.
Looking forward to the tour. Excited to hear the new songs captured in full E Street band glory.

Sweet Jane wrote: I like the new material. I was not a big fan of the Magic songs, but these new songs, although somewhat simpler, are refreshing.
I really liked My Lucky Day, Working on a Dream, Good Eye and Kingdom of Days.
Hopefully Mr. Springsteen will also decide to toss in This Life, which reminds me of songs by The Byrds and Beach Boys, a light, harmonious sound that just makes you feel good.
Also want to hear What Love Can Do and Last Carnival, 2 of my favs on the new cd.
Toss in Fire, Cover Me, Jersey Girl and Drive All Night and we have the makings of one great show.

caleb the biggest bruce fan in the world wrote: I listened to the first 12 songs of the show outside, I could already tell the tour was gonna be awesome!!


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