2005-07-31, Schottenstein Center, Columbus, OH

Devils & Dust Tour
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"Lift Me Up" world premiere. "Cynthia" and "Back in Your Arms" are tour premieres.

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bass man wrote: Heck, I don't know if you could ask for a better set. Or a better preformance. Or a better crowd. "Lift Me Up"?! Cool. Some of this stuff you wonder if HE still remembers it. I always kinda wondered that and this one really came out of left field tonight, and it was beautiful. I've never gotten to see a world premire and here it was. I thought it sounded better tonight than what it does on the "Essential" too. I don't know, maybe I'm just biased to it.

"Reason to believe" was haunting. While we're on the subject, so was "State Trooper", "Lost in the Flood", "The Hitter", and "The Promised Land." You know your're watching a talent when he can play something so beautifully haunting and then wonderful acoustic crowd pleasers such as "Cynthia", (Which is really great acouticly) "The Rising", "Lonesome Day", "Valentines Day", "Ramrod", and "Bobby Jean."

His stories were hilarious and he was as loose as I've ever seen him before, and that's pretty good. The stuff from the new album, "Devils 'n Dust", "Long Time Comin'", "Reno", "Jesus was an Only Son", "Matomoros Banks", and "The Hitter" were perfect, with some pretty good stories along with them.

Lots from "Tunnel" tonight. "One Step Up", "When You're Alone", "Valentines Day".

"Back in your Arms" was a tour premire along with "Cynthia." "For You" was excellent. "Two Hearts" fit in nicely as well. He added at the end of it the lyrics should have read:

Two hearts are better than one
Two hearts- easier said than done

Like I said, he seemed to be in a darn good mood tonight.

In closing, everyone was impressed with "Dream, Baby, Dream." The crowd left feeling like they got their money's worth. I talked to a couple who commented they'd never seen him that loose. It didn't really bother people the band wasn't there.

This one was a winner.

Sammy and Greg K wrote: What a fantastic show. Bruce really enjoyed this one. Tour Premiers(Cynthia, Back in your Arms.) World Premier ( lift me Up ) All three were awesome. Lost in the flood and For you were so tight. Love was in the Air with V-day One step up and Bach in your arms. Great versions of Ramrod and State Trooper. Saw an earlier show in Chicago that was completely different. This one was losser and Stronger.

JS wrote: This show was about Love! Great set list, great crowd, Bruce had a "lovely" night as he said at the end! Cynthia, & Back in your Arms were amazing, same on Valentine's Day that was just incredible.. I wish the night never ended..Oh how could I forget about "For You" ugh I almost died and went to heaven..


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