2007-09-24, Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ

Magic Tour
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Rehearsal show. "Long Walk Home" closed the main set. "Thundercrack" is played for the first time since 1974 with the E Street Band.

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Annette wrote: Was there on the floor last night. Damn good concert - as usualy, he was working it with the crowd. Wish he sang "Jersey Girl" though. (I'm sentimetal). Loved the rap. Clarence lost a lot of weight. Candy's Room was dymamite and I'm glad he did "The Rising". It was good to hear Lonely Day. Was that a message? :(
Damn place needs air conditioning. Wish Asbury Park would come back faster. The place needs so much more work.

Cie wrote: Not at the show, reading setlists and reviews...have to say, looks disappointing...Have seen Bruce 15 times since the reunion tour in 1999 and will be seeing him in Philly and NJ...have to admit, 2 hours is a disspointing concert for Springsteen...no Badlands? Thunder Road? Out in the Street? Hope is just getting warmed up

Giuseppe wrote: ...in the setlist you have missed "DARLINGTON COUNTY" after BTR...

Ruben wrote: I would not be dissapointed by reading a setlist. As this was a rehearsal show, to try on the new material primarily and see what the crowds respond to, I think an artist must be dynamic and show that he can still produce quality entertainment, otherwise he could join a Vegas casino and perform thunder road, born to run till the end of times. The same goes for the albums after BTR or BITUSA, he could have made the same over and over but he has challenged himself and the audience to different things, some have worked better than others but that is how life is, nothing is perfect in life. I salute Bruce for daring to live on his principles, whereas we agree or disagree to all of them.

Ron wrote: I will agree with Ruben and will respectfully disagree with CIE. Bruces catalog of recorded work is huge. All of it is excellent. He has put out several concert albums and if you want to hear Thunder Road again, then spin up "Live at the Odeon" or Springsteen live 1985-1995. I know that if I were Bruce, I would be really sick of those Born to Run era songs. We fans love to hear them, but in this case, we owe the Boss the right to sing whatever he wants. He has never let us down with his musical direction. I believe that if he were to rehash Backstreets or Badlands, it may be possible that the perfomance would suffer a little due to lack of enthusiasm on the part of the artist. Bruce has the intellegence to know this. Based on what I saw on May 25th 2006 in Mansfield Mass. in which he performed with the Seeger band, he can take any song and make it entertaining. A good example would be Ramrod, originally a pure rock and roll song which he turned into a very entertaining polka (ska) version. On Tuesday, October 2nd, I will be in the Hartford Civic arena for my 5th Springsteen concert. As far as I am concerned, if he hits the stage singing the theme song to Hawaii five oh, Im confident it will be a worth while and entertaining perfomance. Rock on Boss!!

phil wrote: Obviously CIE is another one of those 'fans' who somehow got stuck in 1978 where they live permanantly. What Bruce's real fans admire him for is refusal to just repeat the same old stuff again and again. If I never heard Badlands again it would be no bad thing. It's a great song but.....

TC wrote: Although the show had some slow moments, there are hints of a potential killer show coming soon. Being a rehearsal show, the band was getting a fele for the new material, pacing the set, mixing in the old while constructing a theme. Overall, they did a fine job, but some tightening and tweaking will go a long way.
Radio Nowhere was ok, needed to be more powerful, whicj I'm sure will as the tour moves into gear.
No Surrender is a decent song, but perhaps Prove it all Night, Cover Me or even Open all Night will rock it a little more.
The pairing of Empty Sky and Something in the Night lead for an emtional moment as both songs deal with loss, one physical, the other spiritual. Nicely done, with the band really nailing Something.
Gypsy Biker--too new for me to tell yet.
Girls in their Summer Clothes, Night & Promised Land worked well together as Bruce and band started off with a Beach Boy's-sounding tune, carefree and easy going, to the urgency of Night and then to stand firm in the hope and faith of the Promised Land.
Devil's Arcade killed the momentum.
But then an energetic Candy's Room and blistering She's the One rejuvinated the show. If Bruce were to possibly add How can a Poor Man and Badlands to that miniset--the 4 would be a highlight of the show without a doubt.
My Hometown was ok, but there are so many other great songs they could play: Tougher than the Rest, All that Heaven will Allow, Spirit in the Night or Reason to Believe would work.
The Rising, Last to Die and Long Walk Home all worked well together as they brought to our attention the sacrifices made for this country and the fact that we still have a way to go to mend so many things that have created a sense of disillusionment and frustration. Really nice job there.
The encores, well, they definitely examplified that old E Street Band magic as they tore into Thundercrack and Born to Run, following with a rousing Darlington and American Land. The encores reminded anyone there of the real "magic" the band is capable of and will surely produce as the tour rolls along.
It would also be nice to see Bruce take some solo piano turns, perhaps playing such classics as: Incident, For You, Drive all Night and Lost in the Flood.
Feels good to have the band back.

John Hocking wrote: Bruce wrote the last song on the Ghost album for folks like Cie. A good guess is he'll drop some of the classic, but well exposed songs, the standards. I'd be fine with Born to Run and Promised Land joining Badlands, Out in the Street, and Thunder Road in the "On-Hold for another Tour" closet. It's not that I don't want to hear these songs. It's that every song he plays is at the expense of every song he might have played instead. Something in the Night is a great, great, but rarely played song. A full band Incident on 57th Street would be orgasmic. Wreck on the Highway and/or the Price You Pay would be thrilling. I will admit to being pleased to seeing No Surrender and She's the One, which I think are among his best rockers. But there are so many great songs - Lucky Town, All That Heaven Will Allow, Loose Ends, Happy, and on and on - I mean throw a dart, and unless you're unlucky enough to hit Mary Queen of Arkansas, you'll hit a great song. John, Athens

Cie wrote: Hey Phil, with all due respect I was born in 1983. Also, Bruce has played Born to Run and Badlands at every single show he has performed with the E Street Band since the 1999 reunion. And I think I should clairfy something. I am one of Bruce's top fans and admire his unwillingness to compromise the integrity of his work...which is why I am not asking to hear Dancing in the Dark or Hungry Heart...I was there for the Devils and Dust tour and I was there for the Seeger Sessions. But now Bruce is on tour with the E Street Band and I don't think it is too much to want to hear some of the classic warhorses (Badlands, Prove it all Night, Growin' Up) in addition to the material off the new album (which is fantasitic)...Maybe that's the reason those songs still get the loudest ovations in concert...Looking forward to the 5th and 9th

Tom in Germantown, Maryland wrote: According to this link, set list was scheduled to end with WORK FOR YOUR LOVE. I wish he had played it because it's the best song on Magic.


michael aldarelli wrote: I have been a long time fan of Bruce, ever since my brother (heavy) introduced me to him at the Stone Pony, in Asbuty Park NJ. See, I Was lucky, I grew up in Asbury. Heavy, my brother, was the bouncer there back then and he always promised me that he would introdce me to Bruce. I remember that night like it was yesterday. I was in me bed on a Sunday night and Heavy called me. Want to see Bruce, he is here. I got out of bed and in my car and flew down 2nd Ave. to the Pony to meet the BOSS. When I walked in, Bruce was on stage playing Tenth Ave Freeze Out with Cats on a smooth surface, the house band, like he did most Sunday nights back in the day. My eyes welled and my heart raced. My dream had come true and I will never forget that night, the night my hereos, Bruce and my brother Heavy were at the Pony. What i am trying to say is that Bruce lost a hero and a brother like I did. Heavy, my hero died two yrs ago, my brother Heavy. Terry and Heavy were friends and I am sorry for your loss as for I am of mine. I had the oppuryunity to see you perform in Asbury on 09.24.07 and you still bring a tear to my eye when you hit that stage as for Heavy does when I think of him. Thank you for getting me through the hardest time of my life.
Michael Aldarelli


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