2008-08-30, Roadhouse at the Lakefront, Milwaukee, WI

Magic Tour
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Danny Federici's son guests on "Sandy".

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Todd Kingery wrote: Ok saw him first in '78...college roommate got to help hold him up...only sold 5000 tickets in Assembly hall, Champaign...sold out on River tour, 19000 tickets in record time 2 yrs later....I yea me age 49 yrs 11 mos...got to help hold him up....sweat on my palms....he has meant so very much to me all these years...even tho the River was a little too much pop and i confess, i became a snob...this was the ultimate for me...and I DID ride the fuckin Harley which i bought in January when i heard about the show...This was it...don't think we will ever see a complete performance w/ E Street Band again...Incredible show...If you were a bruce fan and you were there, you know it was...F#@% the casual fan who showed up....this was it and it was MAGNIFICIENT!!!!

Marcus wrote: What a great set list, too bad I wasn?t there. But I?m here in Germany and can only watch the Videos of the american concerts. And what I see there, I just cannot believe how lame the audience is. This is absolutely nothing compared to the Europe-Concerts. They play Glory days in the encore in Milwaukee and almost no reaction from the fans? In Barcelona, Spain, 80.000 fans even in the very last row were jumping and dancing!


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