2006-11-11, Wembley Arena, London, England

Seeger Sessions Tour
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Paul Watson wrote: A great show with fantastic energy; Bruce and the band all seemed to be having a great time. The set list was pretty typical of the tour, but with a few unusual features:
Firstly, there was no real encore ? after ?Pay Me? the band sort of made to leave the stage but never did, and the set continued through to the ?American Land? after which there was a break for bows and applause before the band returned to their positions for a closer of ?Froggie?. Bu the traditional leave stage/applause/return to stage ritual was not performed.
Secondly, between ?Pay Me? and ?You Can Look? we were treated to a brand new song. Bruce described it as ?a work in progress? and made some strong comments about the need for healing and recovery in the US after ?damage to democracy? that had happened in recent years. The song was called ?Long Walk Home? ? the lyrics were not overtly political, even though the intro was, but it was clearly a melancholy sort of song.
All in all, a great show ? very different from, yet easily equal to, the E-Street Band tours of recent year. Much fun.

Mickey G wrote: Just got back from a 400 mile round trip to see Bruce and the "Sessionaires" at Wembley Arena. What a show! Since the earlier Euro tour the band have really tightened up and seem to be playing with much more confidence and Bruce just seems to be having the most fun he's had in his life! Good audience participation and great sound (I was ten rows from the back of the Arena but the sound was crisp, no echo at all, so congrats to all concerned! The highlights; versions of Atlantic City and Growing Up, Poor Man, it's just a great song, but best of all, a world premiere of what Bruce described as a work-in-progress: "A Long Walk Home" It's great that he has been writing songs whilst on tour. Lets hope it's 3 albums in 3 years to make up for all those lean times! Roll on Sheffield!

Tony Turner wrote: Great as always the revamped versions of Atlantic City etc were good but will never beat the real version with the e street band.

I thought devils and dust was excellent as were pay me my money down, how can a poor man stand such times and live.

24 songs sung on this occasion crowd were on their feet from Jacobs ladder onwards Bruce made reference to a comment he made at Crystal Palace The Rising Tour about getting our English arses off the seats to dance he said his achieved hes goal. He also said sorry Patti's not here my kids are Teenagers and if we left them alone with a fire they would burn the F##king house down.

Great night

Andrew H wrote: I couldn't originally get a ticket for this show but managed to pick up a standing ticket a week before the gig and get in the pit, about ten rows of people back,on the night. Best bit of luck this year!

I can't honestly say that the Seeger Seesions material has the same lasting appeal as previous albums. Nor did the idea of another new band fill me with enthusiasm at first. But there is something about the material and this band live that is very special - I suspect that's the whole point of Bruce's 2006.

The best way to describe this gig is to say that I was captivated from the first note to the last. The combination of Bruce quite clearly having a great time and a talented band, each taking their time in the spotlight, is truly inspiring.

The highlights were many. Excellent re-working of Blinded, early raucous sing-a-long to Old Dan Tucker, string of stirringly played SS songs and best of all in the main set, a great re-working of Growin' Up and Devils and Dust, which works so much better with a band.
The gig then upped another gear with Pay Me as Bruce coaxed the audience into standing and singing to a level not often seen in the UK - Bruce was clearly thrilled.

As if to defy anyone to think things couldn't get any better, Bruce then debuted an interesting new song - looking forward to it being recorded/released (please!!).

The last four songs choice now works perfectly - Saints (poignant, beautiful), Little Light (uplifting), American Land (just a great song) - and then, finally, a bonus Froggie (great fun).

Most of all, however, I shall remember this night for two things -first, the sheer joy of it all, both the band and the audience and second, the performances of the Bruce and the band - a mixture of raw enthusiasm and utter professionalism - and, if there's just one specific comment to finish on, it has to be the sheer effort expended by Art Baron playing the tuba.

So, what next? Solo, E Street or more Seeger Sessions or perhaps some combination of the latter. For me, it just doesn't matter. Whilst Bruce is as committed as this, anything he does will be just fine.


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