2013-07-28, Nowlan Park, Kilkenny, Ireland

Wrecking Ball Tour
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Full album performance of Born to Run. "This Hard Land" is a solo acoustic version.

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marie cleere wrote: I was looking forward to this concert since February. The last time I was at his concert was in Slane Castle all those years ago and I hobbled in on cruthes for miles to see him. As I thought it would be the end of his world tour in Kilkenny I decided back in February to draw a painting to commemorate Bruce and Kilkenny together.
I tried to figure out where he would stay and Lyrath or Mount Juliet seemed to be the place. So with that I drew several more paintings of Irish musicians and went to Lyrath. One of the managers Terry was really nice and allowed me to hang my paintings there during the Bruce week-end and I was really hoping he would see it and sign the hurl on the painting and then I was going to give it to him as a memory of his life on the road, as a line in his song goes(looking for the map that brings me home)it's a pity he didn't get to see it I think he would have liked it. Any idea how one could send it to him? Not an easy task I know as I tried everything under creation to see him, I could write a book on it alone. Can't even find a web site to post it up on.
Now as for the concert it was as good as it was back all those years ago. I danced the whole evening with all my family and friends even as our great historical hurlers were beaten on the day,they too were to be seen 'dancing'on the pitch later that evening and well deserved. A great evening to remember for all his fans.


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