1984-07-12, Alpine Valley Music Theater, East Troy, WI

Born in the USA Tour
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kid next door wrote: First let me say that I have just come across your website and your 'eyewitness' concept is awesome. A few thoughts on the two shows at Alpine in '84... rumor had it that Bruce didn't like playing outside venues, due to potential weather problems, it didn't rain those show, but I don't recall him coming back to East Troy either... the second show was on Friday the 13th with a full moon... the crowd knew it, the band knew it, and the show just rocked... Bruce made a comment to Clarence about his upcoming 35th birthday... hard to believe it was 23 years ago. Lastly, I recall the Friday night set including Candy's Room which isn't included on on your play list here. I specifically remember it, since I was with a girl who was really into the song, and we both were pumped to hear the song live. Can anyone confirm this?

Big Red wrote: Heard this show on E Street Radio the other day. Caught the middle of the show, which included "I'm Bad , I'm Nationwide". Anybody have the full setlist?

kid from the bronx wrote: This was a very special show for me. Had no tickets; walked up to the window and the cashier asked if I wanted some seats. I said nah; just kidding. She sells me 4 of the band's late release seats, 15th row center. Unbelievably beautiful place (Alpine in the summer; it's a small ski resort in the winter), extremely powerful show; blasting off with Born in the U.S.A., my girlfriend that I took couldn't understand what I liked about Bruce. Until about the third note. Like most people who get to go, she "got it" immediately. The sound was perfect. Not my favorite tour (78 by far), but sure was great when it happened. "Man at the top" was unreal, just beautiful, so different from the recorded version. Love that song. I still sing the harmony's 20 years later.


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