2006-11-18, The Point, Dublin, Ireland

Seeger Sessions Tour
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Gerry Fleming wrote: He just keep's on doing it, what can i say. I was at the first night of the European tour way back in May, it was one of the best Bruce shows i had seen. Last night was just as good but for different reasons his choice of new songs Bobby Jean, Highway Patrolman, Shenandoah was a surprise, of the 3 Highway was by far the best. First time i heard it with a full backing band.Bobby was all right, Shenandoah while he sang a good version of it the tempo of the song did not fit in with the others.The crowd were in very high spirits from the very start and that made for a great night. American Land near the end was a very Irish Style song to finish the night off with. 21 songs 2 half hours what more can i say he's still the Boss.

Graeme Johannessen wrote: I had to take a back seat (literally) this time, the 2 shows I saw in Oslo were standing, but my girlfriend wanted to sit this time, so we did. Always nice to see the show from a new angle. The incredible interplay between the band members was revealed in all its glory.

It?s been a feature on the autumn leg of this tour that the show just seems to blast by, I?ve been to my share of Bruce concerts over the years and I honestly can?t remember any shows being as tight or as lacking in ?down? moments, 2 ? hours have never gone by so quickly.

The crowd were VERY enthusiastic; after the subdued nature of the Norwegian crowds it was a real treat to get to see a crowd really enjoying itself. There was only one downer and that was the ridiculous seating ushers who wouldn?t let anyone stand. They hunted us down mercilessly with flashlights and at one (absolutely insane) point, during Jacobs ladder ? ?get your ass off your Irish seat? moment in the show if ever there was one, the guy behind me was accosted by no less than 3 marshals telling him to stop ruining the show for those sitting behind. Quite how they thought that this behaviour was enhancing the show for the rest of us is anyone?s guess.

Anyway, the show was a blinder. The man himself sabotaged the marshals efforts at the beginning of ?Pay me my money down? with the usual ?The time has come for the separation of the Irish seat from the Irish ass!? When everyone stood at the same time there really wasn?t much the marshals could do.

The absolute highlight of the evening was, for me, hearing Bobby Jean, a song I last heard live in Milan at the San siro on the Rising tour. It never fails to make me cry, and the tears were flowing freely here. I was blown away by how good the River sounded, and by the incredible finale of Light of mine/American land.

In the end this show did what all good Bruce shows do: Took all my emotions and put them in a blender until I had nothing left to give. I was drained for a good 24 hours afterwards. It tore through me and left me wondering how on earth it?s possible to enjoy any other artist live.


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