2005-08-10, Rosegarden Theatre of the Clouds, Portland, OR

Devils & Dust Tour
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The setlist has yet to be confirmed, but it went something like listed here.

"Soul Driver" is a tour premiere.

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KleWdSide wrote: Terrific show & probably my personal favorite. "Soul Driver" to open was very haunting & Bruce's son, Evan, playing guitar tech was amusing & gave you an idea on what it would be like to be in the Springsteen household ("That just cost me a $100 bucks," he said).

Frankie, One Step Up, Ain't Got You and I Wish I Were Blind and Valentine's Day were very welcome!

Kyle wrote: This show exceeded even my expectations. Bruce's voice sounded amazing, and the sound was about the best I have ever heard in that venue.

"Dream Baby Dream" had one lady near me in tears.

Bruce's oldest son helped him with some of the guitar changes. "He's traveling with Dad for a few days," Bruce said. He got a huge round of applause, and you could tell that Bruce was a very proud daddy.

A very special evening.

John wrote: awesome experience. He was so very real. spoke with us, made eye contact, and visited afterwards. The music was varied and moving. I had never seen him in person. It was everything I had hoped and more. It was a benchmark moment for me. Life changing and spiritual. He has been faithful to his craft and is a true artist


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