2006-11-12, Wembley Arena, London, England

Seeger Sessions Tour
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Gary Moss wrote: This was the ninth time I've seen Bruce and it was, in the end, one of the best. I make these comments after being surprised and engaging at how good Paul Simon was at the same venue two night earlier. The main difference between his show and last night's show from Bruce - the songs.

I love the Seeger Sessions album, but at some points it all blended into a New Orleans jam - I was reminded of "Heart Attack and Vine" on a couple of occasions when it went a bit mad!

Don't get me wrong, it was a great show and my fiancee, at her first Bruce show (bless her!!), loved it. The appeal of the show grew as it went on. But the outstanding moments for me were Bruce's songs, not the Seeger Sessions songs. "The River" was, in my opinion, the best I've heard it with a wonderful arrangement and "Open All Night" was a fantastic riot - Bruce at his best totally transforming the song into an indispensable monster. It was so good that the song that followed, expected show-stopper "Pay Me My Money Down" felt anti-climactic.

And that for me was the problem. I love the Seeger Sessions album but I felt that we were missing Bruce's best stuff - "Blinded By the Light" and "Does this Bus Stop..." made a great start, but I wasn't sure of the arrangement for "Johnny 99" - seemed to lose its impact. "Further On (Up The Road)" was lovely, but I think that song is (forgive me for saying it) served best in Johnny Cash's arrangement. Lovely singing, though. And "Bobby Jean" - fantastic. Absolutely fantastic, really capturing the essence of an often overlooked song. "Downbound Train" would have worked well in this type of show, I felt. But then so would so many of Bruce's other songs.

In 1992 I was surprised at how good Bruce was on the Human Touch-Lucky Town tour - I loved the show in Dublin I went to. That show began with an acoustic version of "Seeds", which would have been perfect last night. This year, I was surprised at hw much I missed Bruce's songs. Maybe I appreciate them more by their absence. But "Downbound Train", "Seeds" et al would have made this a more balanced show.

As the concert went on, the middle third of Seeger Sessions album tracks moved into the incredible "Open All Night". The encores were exceptional, with "Land of Hope and Dreams" a real stand-out stripped down to a mostly acoustic arrangement - better than the previous E-Street version. Wonderful stuff. "The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze" was a great, fantastic, wonderful, finish, a beautiful song to end on, coming after a Pouges-tinted (and suitably riotous) version of "American Land". What a pair to end the evening on.

It ended better than it began, and Bruce's few chats with the crowd (a real disappointment he didn't talk more, when he did he was as funny and engaging as ever) made mention (twice, I think) of the Seeger Sessions "experiment". I'm not sure we'll see the likes of this again at Wembley and I will always cherish having seen it. But I also never realised how much I'd miss Bruce's songs, despite having heard them live since Slaine Castle. Next time, its back to Bruce I think!

Andrew Kenward wrote: This was my first ever Bruce concert (allthough being a fan for about 3 years). It was absolutely amazing, from the first moment when he got up on the stage and sung "Blinded By The Light", to the last moment when he sun "Man On A Flying Trapieze". This was an absolutely amazig experience and i am so glad i went even though i am only 15. I will defietlt be at his next concert.

soulsofthedeparted wrote: SUPERB.... flipside of the earlier euro shows for me

so much better.....took my 8 year old, he loved it.. so did i.

LOVED Jesse James and Long time coming.


andrew derek kenward wrote: There is only one thing that i can say about this show: it was absolutely awe inspiriring. From the moment he steped on the stage until the end. He started off with a complete new rendition of Blinded By The Light it was all jazzed up. He played songs i had never heard before, Open All Night, Further Up The Road and Bobby Jean. He also played my favourite songs, The River, Land of Hope and Dreams and Long Time Coming. He also played all the best seeger sessions songs alswell. On Pay Me My Money Down they all got in a line and walked off the stage leaving he man playing the trombone (i dont know his name) by hiself, then Bruce got his son to come on stage and take him away. Patti wasn't there, Bruce said she had to stay at home and look after the F***ing kids. I am only 15 years old and i went with my two brothers and a friend to see him, i have been a fan of his for about 4 years now an this was my first Bruce concert. He ended the concert with When the Saints Go Marching In, This Little Light Of Mine, American Land and Man On A Flying Trspieze. All in all this was an amazing concert which i could write about all day if i had the time, so thanks for evrything and "ill be seeing you".


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