2005-11-19, Seminole Hard Rock Live Arena, Hollywood, FL

Devils & Dust Tour
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Little Steven and Clarence Clemons guest on "Drive All Night" and "Thundercrack". Little Steven guests on "Two Hearts".

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Rocky wrote: like traveling to Mecca or crying at the wailing wall, the spiritual connection becomes complete in the presence of a "live" bruce, no matter what incarnation-solo, acoustic, or otherwise. it really doesn`t matter. what does matter is the ever present passion, intensity, and re-invention. this is exactly what i experienced last night at the Hard Rock Live show, it was captivating from every angle, and to me solidified Bruce`s musical artistry-and everything that phrase encompasses. From playing 5 or 6 different instruments to re-working older favorites, the crowd evidenced raw musianship with no smoke or mirrors, just Bruce, out front and alone for all to see and hear-as always giving himself and his visions to you-and this night, remarkably stipped down, awesome in it`s scope. my body floated on every note, bounced on each chord-i was genuinely touched, awestruck once again for 100th million time. it was the usual Bruce magic, it was kinda like seein` an old friend that said just enough to inspire you to keep goin` for that next level.

especially captivating in terms of Bruce`s musical mechanics, was his use of varying the distance that he would sing into the microphone, creating his own back-up vocals, while simultaneously creating a streaming rhythm-all in the same verse. he further displayed his amazing sense of timing and rhythm when he peformed a version of the Promised Land (after dedicating it to local south florida food bank) that included two alternating back beats that he produced impeccably and consistantly dedicated, by striking the body of his acoustic guitar while simultaneously playing the notes and chords, and blowin` mad wind into the harmonica-we`re talkin` serious multi-tasking that Bruce pulled off with ease-further blowing me away. that performance of the Promised Land was, and to me, is, untouchable- a repeating phenomenom in terms of where it takes a person- a definite claim to some sort of musical throne, the evidence was clearly laid out at this show, case closed.


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