2009-03-23, Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ

Working on a Dream Tour
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McMurphy wrote: Decent show, but drop the overplayed songs that will surely kill any potential of this being a "new" show.
Mary's Place and No Surrender need to be shelved. Find a new centerpiece, such as Growin Up, Leap of Faith or even Roll of the Dice, as he did on the '92 tour.
The new songs work well live.
Especially liked Outlaw Pete, Good Eye, The Wrestler and This Life.
Please don't close the main set with Badlands or No Surrender. Perhaps Backstreets or even Born to Run, as done the second night.
How about some songs from Lucky Town or more from The River? Plenty of great material to choose from.
Nicely done.
See ya on the road.

Heart of Jacks wrote: Same feeling as most, what is Bruce going to bring to the table to make this a new show worth seeing, especially if you've seen the Reunion, Rising and Magic tour.
A few new songs, does not make for a new show.
Please shelve the overplayed staples:
Bobby Jean, Lonesome Day, Sunny Day, Mary's Place, Darlington, Dancing.
Break out: Streets of Fire, Hard to be a Saint, Better Days, Something in the Night,
Soul Driver, Real World, Fade Away, Backstreets
and Spare Parts!
The new material sounds fine live, just want to see a new show. Outlaw Pete and This Life were good. Let's hear Last Carnival coupled with Kitty's Back, a little tribute to Danny, perhaps.

W. K. Mahler, Mahlers.Com wrote: Seems as if the song(s) of the moment are "Worlds Apart" and much more of the last two releases, "Magic" & "Working On A Dream".


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