1980-12-28, Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY

The River Tour
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RALPH from Jersey wrote: This was the first of my three shows during this stint at the Coliseum. There was magic in the night as Bruce knew that some of us would be there for ALL THREE SHOWS - ending on New Year's Eve. What a run! Bruce played Santa Claus and Merry Christmas Baby - and he excelled on Sandy with the great Danny Federici on accordian. We love Danny.

Our seats were next to the roof, and the roof just kept rising - the original The Rising - and we loved every note. Bruce played everything and we danced all night. A good local crowd and something in the night. 33 songs - how can he continue to do that.

It reminds me of a joke from my great friend, Glenn F from South Carolina, via NJ. Glenn took his Mom to a performance of the E Street Band and she was watching Max on the drums. Mom asked "How much do they pay him". Glenn did not know, but asked why? His Mom said, "Well, whatever they are paying him is not enough..."

He must have been playing "Candy's Room" gotta love it....forever friends....


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