1981-05-29, Wembley Arena, London, England

The River Tour
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Tony wrote: All I knew was "Born to Run" from a Melody Maker free sampler LP I had. Everyone was talking so I went and bought a ticket off a tout outside the Arena for ?35. I knew his shows were long and he started with the only song I knew. Needless to say the whole thing was a revelation. If I could have just one gig in my life again, this would be it.

MAlc wrote: I had seen the Hamersmith shows in London in '75 after a friend kept banging about this bloke Springsteen.
Saw all 6 at Wembley on this tour. Only managed to get a ticket for 1 night. A friend got me in as a steward for the first 2 nights nights at the front of the stage. Unbelievable shows, Bruce came off stage and stood by me both nights. Third night I queued all day for a return at the box office. 4th night I had my only ticket. 5th night I queued again and the 6th night tickets were like gold. I managed to buy a stub off a guy who walked out after about the 3rd song (I kid you not). with the stub I paid a steward on the entrance door £5 (the face value of the ticket) and I was in but missed the first 6 songs. I will never forget those six nights, and 96 shows later still crazy about all things Bruce. Today is Monday 20 June 2011 and we have lost the Big Man but he lives on in Bruce's music and our hearts and memories.

Dave Kennedy wrote: Does anyone have a ticket from the show or willing to sell or let me copy? My first show I was on the people's March for jobs Couldn't get a ticket then 4 tickets passed to march organisers I was lucky enough to get one
Wow Bruce just blew me away life's never been the same since just attended my 100th show


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