2008-04-23, Amway Arena, Orlando, FL

Magic Tour
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Roger McGuinn joins on "Turn! Turn! Turn!" and "Mr. Tambourine Man".

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Gareth Barnes wrote: Not that I was there - I am going on May 31 in London - but only 4 tunes from Magic which I regard as about his best cd. I hope they change the set list before then! How can he not play Girls in Their Summer Clothes, or Lonesome Day??!!

Ilan Nisdelsky , Israel wrote: i also wasn't there , but i must say that this set list is most different , with Blood Brothers ,spirit in the night ,the River ,does this bus . . ,candy's room ,Lost in the Flood ,Turn .. ,Mr. Tambourine ,which are all rarities . .
clearly still affected by Danny ,or maybe the set lists will finnaly start to vary .

Mitch Kloorfain wrote: Finally start to vary? They've been varying for 30+ years. I don't know any other performer that challenges the band the way he does.
I was there and will be going again for Ft. Lauderdale. Sure, some songs will be the same. He can't NOT play BTR even though I could do without it because that is the only song some people may know. You've gotta please your audience. I'm thinking he is doing just that. I know I will have two different shows and I hate the 10 days in between!

ME wrote: Best setlist ever. Consider yourself lucky to get "Does the Bus Stop" over "Lonesome Day"!


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