1984-06-29, Civic Centre, St. Paul, MN

Born in the USA Tour
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Mike B wrote: You're right Bryan, that's exactly the way it went. And it was awesome! This was my second opening night, having seen the first night of The River tour in Ann Arbor, MI. Sometimes it's tough without knowing all the songs, but you almost appreciate it more, hearing them for the first or second time.

Brad F. wrote: Thanks for the reveiw, Bryan. It must have been amazing to be at that opening show in St. Paul. However, it wasn't the only show to not have 'Born In The USA' as the set opener. It wasn't until the tour hit Detroit at the end of July that BITUSA finally asserted itself as the show opener. There were a number of shows during the first month of the tour to open with other songs (Thunder Road, Badlands, etc)

Bryan S. Friesth wrote: To be in attendance at any opening night of a tour is special...but this night was just magical. To start with, it is the only show on the Born in the U.S.A. tour to open with some song other than Born in the U.S.A. Bruce sitting at the piano, doing a beautiful Thunder Road. Who knew that this was what was to become 20 years later. The Dancing in the Dark song had been released as a single a month or so earlier but the video had not been shot and so the crowd in attendance got to be a part of history. I will try to recall as best I can the wording of Bruce. Before the song he said something like...Thanks for coming to the show tonight...we're going to shoot a movie...and you get to be a part of it. They then rip into Dancing in the Dark. You could see the camera guys running around getting the shots but Bruce and the band never missed a beat. Then after the song Bruce gathered on stage with someone and a couple of the camera guys. After a short discussion, Bruce walked to the microphone and said to a screaming crowd...."Was it FUN"? crowd applause..."Did you have FUN"? more applause..."What do you do when you have FUN"? Crowd hanging on every word. "YOU DO IT AGAIN" the band rips into another full version of Dancing in the Dark...the crowd goes absolutely NUTS!! I got to see the next show too and will review that later...that show would set the tone for the entire tour!!!


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