1988-06-21, Aston Villa Football Ground, Birmingham, England

Tunnel of Love Express Tour
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DAVE wrote: Went to both nights, was blown away that the Miami Horns were touring as I think the extra brass really enhanced the big numbers like 10th Avenue, Sh's the One, backsteets etc, it was also the first time I ever heard the accustic version of Born to Run which was simply amazing

Jim wrote: My first ever concert. And what a concert from the moment Bruce came on he never relented to give us all the best show we had ever seen. Amazing versions of Seeds, She's the One, Because the Night, Backstreets ("for my old fans") and the encores Acoustic Born to Run, Hungry Heart, a staggering Glory Days with the crowd singing the keyboard refrain back at Bruce, who had to double take a few times asking "what", "huh" and finally jokinglt."I'm the one getting paid let me do my job". Finally finishing off with Sweet Soul Music - Raise Your Hand and one of the best versions of Twist and Shout ("lets break out the old warhorse"). That night he gave us everything, and more. Lovely touch as we were going out of the venue we heard Harvey Goldstein say 'it was one of the best concerts so far on the european tour" and we had been part of that. Just one query I think Edwin Starr was on the second night.

Mike P wrote: Yeah, the setlist has missed off Twist & Shout, and Edwin Starr WAS night two.

This show (and the second night) are notorious for the freak weather conditions that made the sound travel as far as Solihull, and resulted in no more shows at this venue for years.

My first Bruce show by the way, and probably one of the most transcendent experiences of my life.

Micky Drew wrote: Went to Both nights with family and friends- had a great time-Nice sunny Eveningsin Birmingham.So Loud ,could feel the bass bouncing off my chest- Opened alot of ears and eyes to the Boss those nights.

Alan C wrote: My first show too, never been bussed to show before or since as car parking was miles away. Queues outside the football ground were huge but managed to get on the side of the pitch in the stand about on the halfway line. Couldn't believe the energy of Springsteen that night, was already a fan but this was my "moment" too which lead to trips to the States some years later. Vigilante Man was a classic, loved BTR in it's acoustic format and Twisted and shouted all the way back to Cornwall!

Robert Storey wrote: A lovely warm summer day at Villa park and a great concert. Edwin Starr who (amazingly) lived nearby guested on War. Bruce was still with his first wife but this was the time when his on screen "act" seemed to involve singing love songs to Patti almost to the point of embarrassment. Bruce was taken aback during DITD when the girl he selected to dance with him took her her top off as soon as she got on stage "I thought you english were supposed to be kinda reserved!" he observed.

derek f wrote: was the best thing i ever saw at villa park , and im a diehard villa fan


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