2007-10-10, Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, NJ

Magic Tour
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EBG wrote: Unbelievable! I saw a whole bunch of old songs played that I had never seen Bruce play before, or if I did I didn't get them at the shows I went to on The Rising Tour, and hadn't seen them played since the Reunion Tour. The new version of Reason To Believe was amazing. At first I was kind of confused, and thought Bruce was going to waste a song slot on a cover song with that new intro, but then the lyrics to Reason To Believe started. I thought Candy's Room or Ties That Bind would be next, but to my shock, it was Adam Raised A Cain, which I had never seen played before. As if that wasn't shock enough, later, we got INCIDENT ON 57TH STREET! I never thought I'd see this one played. To be honest, it actually was played a little too slow, but I didn't really care at the time because I was so glad to finally be seeing that song played.

The new songs were great. Gypsy Biker I liked better live than on the album. It rocked more live. We also got a surprise with Your Own Worst Enemy making its debut.

Badlands seemed to rock harder than I've ever seen it played before. And then of course the encores, with Born To Run and Dancing In The Dark with the houselights on was great. I was worried as it was getting later in the show that we would get no 80's hits, so I was glad that we got at least one at the end. And then American Land was a great set closer. Can't wait for MSG next week.

Chris wrote: An Awesome show---the new stuff held up great. "Girls..." is going to be a huge highlight when he comes back in the summer. And "Incident..."! That was a huge surprise--especially since he just played it in Philly. 58 years old and still rockin' like he's 28!

T.Cantillon wrote: Okay, before I actually start the review, let me say thanks to Bruce and the band for a truly fantastic show. Also, not sure if anyone from the Springsteen camp reads any of these, but just wanted to say THANKS! For playing a heartfelt rendition of Incident on 57th Street. Lyrically, that has to be one of Bruce's most poetic songs and it was a real treat to hear it Wednesday night. Keep it in the show because it is one that is loved by many.
Okay, the show: Well, after being lucky enough to score 2 tks in sec 110 half an hour before the show, fellow Springsteen nut, Kyle and I head to our seats.
Bruce was on a mission from the start and after having witnessed many shows at the arena, this was hands down one of the most passionate, explosive, energetic shows ever. It ranks in my top 15 of roughly 135 shows.
Radio Nowhere was powerful and Night just exploded on stage. Was hoping for Prove it or even Cover Me as a third selection.
I like Magic. A powerfully, quiet song with disturbing imagery.
Reason to Believe is just a moment of raw, bluesy, rock 'n' roll at its best--love it!
Adam Raised the Cain was passionately intense and a great selection. The content of the song fits in perfectly with the overall theme of the first half of the show.
She's the One--they've never done a better version! It rocks!
Livin in the Future is growing on me.
Cynthia was an unexpected treat and played beautifully.
Town called Heartbreak, I like it.
Incident! I've already raved about this one--a great song that just elevates the entire night to another level when something of this quality is played with such passion and sincerety.
You can Look was a blast! Fun time had by all on this one.
I'm not that into Devil's Arcade, but feel it might even be more powerful coupled with Born in the USA right after it, or, if Bruce felt like tossing in a cover tune, Fortunate Son. Perhaps alternate Rising with USA.
Long Walk Home is definitely my favorite of the new material and Badlands just blows the roof off of anywhere they play.
Glad he's playing Born to Run and the rockin version of Dancing, a great double shot which works much better than Sunny Day.
And American Land--it's just a great way, an upbeat way to end the show.
Bruce and band I think set a standard by which many other bands should measure themselves. They rock hard! They are not an oldies act! They play with a passion and intensity that should make rockers half their age envious. Their integrity to always give their best and go that extra mile every night is a testament to the fact that they love what they are doing and, we, as fans, should be as appreciative that Bruce and band are still giving us the best rock 'n' roll show around without a doubt! It's a great feeling to be back in the Church of Bruce and feel that salvation is there in "an everlasting kiss" and something as simple as a rock 'n' roll song. Amen!

Stacey wrote: Thank you fans for redeming yourselves from the 10/9 show. Incredible crowd - screaming from the first step onto the stage.
Thank you CAA workers for fixing the lousy acoustics from the night before.
And Bruce - my top 5 list of concerts I've seen of yours continues to get crowded, b/c this one was one for the ages. Full band Incident! Adam Raised a Cain! Cynthia! You Can Look! Night! And on and on. Can't wait for the back to back at MSG!

ANG wrote: It was a heart-stopping, foot-stomping, fist-pumping, earth-shaking, fire-setting, rockin'-sing session all night with Bruce and the E Street Band!!!
They rock hard and loud and non stop for over 2 hours.
Incident on 57th Street blew me away!
I may just have to take a leave of absence from work and follow the band for a while.
Long live rock 'n' roll!
Thanks Bruce and E Street boys & girls.

Philly Clete wrote: What a difference a day can make. Bruce was definitely hot during NJ night #1, but he was sizzling tonight.
He was not to be denied ? there could be no weak response from the crowd. At the start of the show he said, ?Let?s hear it, homies? a few times. The crowd did respond, and they were much better than at night #1. Also, for some reason (my seat location?) the arena sound was much improved from night #1.
This was a longer show than the previous three, at 25 supercharged songs, including four tour premieres. A total of SEVEN songs not heard the night before.
The band was ?dead on? tonight, and Bruce seemed ferocious in his delivery of some of the music (the tour premiere of ?Adam Raised A Cain, for one).
After ?Promised Land? Bruce dusted off ?Cynthia? as an audible. It was a lot of fun. At one point, Bruce called Steve over to share his mike. It became obvious that Steve didn?t remember the words to this one, and he was trying to bluff it. Steve tried peeking down at Bruce?s teleprompter, but he lost it again. They both cracked up as Steve went back to his spot.
After ?Town? came ?Incident?, which, although beautiful, did not elicit anywhere near the same reaction as it did in Philly (After seeing the previous night?s handwritten setlist I was hoping for ?Backstreets?, since I had seen ?Incident? in Philly.)
Then came a world premiere ? Bruce and the gang were buzzing back and forth in the dark for the longest time. ?Wait a minute, let?s try it?. He told the crowd that ?we?re having a debate society up here, inside my head?. ?Okay, never before attempted.? He stopped the crowd from cheering by saying, ?Wait, ya gotta wait and see?. Then, after a shaky start, ?Your Own Worst Enemy? was performed for the first time, with Bruce in fine voice. At the end of the song Bruce said with a big laugh, ?That?s close?.
Next, Bruce said, ?Steve, get that electric guitar!? and they mugged it up (including Clarence) with a superfun ?You Can Look But You Better Not Touch?.
This was a superb triple-shot, and it made the show for me.
Even the ?Girls? sing-along was much better than the previous night, with Bruce proudly commenting ?Ya got it now!?
It seems that ?Thundercrack? does not get a huge response outside of Philly even though it is such great fun.
This show was as good as it gets ? intense, fun, diverse. This one was right at the top of list.


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