Misery Loves Company

And misery loves company

I used to think that I was a king
Fancy cars, fancy clothes and diamond rings
Yeah but happiness is a funny thing
And misery just loves company


Don't even try to understand
What goes on inside this man
As a boy I used to dream
Cuz' sometimes life ain't what it seems

We used to dance under moonlight
But then the tears began to fall
And baby that ain't right
Cuz' losin' you
Was part of the game
And misery loves company
Cuz' fuckin' up
Was part of the game
And misery loves company



Live history

"Misery Loves Company" has been performed live a total of 2 times.
First known performance:
2008-05-17, Asbury Park, NJ
Last known performance:
2018-09-30, Asbury Park, NJ

Release history

Total releases: 1
Mike Ness, Cheating at Solitaire, contribution, 1999-04-13