A Winter's Revelation (In 9 Illusions)

As the walls of my wooden shack
come crashing on my dreams
Losing forever in the puzzles
of time-faded memories

As the ancient oak tree
stands shaking in the wind
Silent in its timeless rest
in her bows lonliness sings

Do you remember the hours we spent listening to the rain?
I felt the warmth of your tender love
and never knew your name
It didn't matter, love was there just the same

As the Wizard Of The North
flys through crimson skies
Changing words stolen
from a verse written by a lonly child

As the creatures of the Magic Forest
lie crying in the sun
Thinking of their friend
who was lost to the hunter's gun

Do you remember the days we spent on the Eastern Gate?
The aged sheperd of lost time
showed us the dead lonliness in hate
But things were good then, you were there with me again

As the young flower lifts her head
to live in the warmth of the sun
The universe is hidden in her breast,
her cries cry out for love

As I run through the golden fields
that border the edge of my mind
The Queen of Darkness comes riding by
with diamonds in her eyes

Do you remember the years we spent in the Palace Of Sunshine?
The elders taught us from century-old books
The wind gifted us with child, the night bid us welcome
as we left to play amongst the stars during a winter's revelation


Written around 1968. Known from a notebook with handwritten lyrics sold at an auction in 2006.


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