Inside the Castle Walls

The crippled children lie laughing in the rain
Glassy-eyed lovers turn their eyes away
Tin can mothers shreik with new found pain
and speak of an iron Jesus, while young love steals away
to bear the virgin fruit of a nameless babe

With the brave soldier you will find his gun
(there's always that one last War to be won)
now lying dead out in the noonday sun
There lies long-loved freedom, with his face in the mud
and the earth spits out his fresh-spilled blood

The constumed ringmaster plays chess with the clown
who falls into a deep sleep and almost drowns
Through the tears of his own sorrow you can hear his frown
He's caught up in a dead world and can't get down
Now his painted smile has dropped to the ground

Along the blackened roadside lies the dying dog
its whines pierce the moonlight that glistens in the puddle of blood
For he's rode upon the metal eyesight of a chrome-plated horse
and breathes as the earth runs around 'till nothingness opens it doors
then life flows on, a little more insecure

The inmates gaze quietly over the grey stone walls
and sigh as they watch the strugglin' animal through the twilight fog
Don't you expect any better, for they'll never give you any more
and Insanity pulls up the drawbridge and things go back as before
as a lady smiles behind the Castle walls


Written around 1968. Known from a notebook with handwritten lyrics sold at an auction in 2006.


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