Hitch Hikin’

Thumb stuck out as I go
I'm just travelin' up the road
Maps don't do much for me, friend
I follow the weather and the wind

I'm hitch hikin' all day long
Got what I can carry and my song
I'm a rolling stone just rolling on
Catch me now 'cause tomorrow I'll be gone

Family man gives me a ride
Got his pregnant Sally at his side
Yes indeed, sir, children are a gift
Thank you kindly for the lift

I'm hitch hikin' all day long

Trucker gears his engine down
Says, "Climb on up, son, I'm highway bound"
Dashboard picture of a pretty girl
I'm ridin' high on top of the world

I'm hitch hikin' all day long

Gearhead in a souped-up '72
Wants to show a kid just what this thing'll do
Telephone poles and trees go whizzin' by
Thank you pal, she sure can fly

I'm hitch hikin' all day long
I'm hitch hikin' all day long
I'm hitch hikin' all day long



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Total releases: 2
Bruce Springsteen, Western Stars, album, 2019-06-14
Bruce Springsteen, Western Stars: Songs From the Film, live, 2019-10-25