Delivery Man

I'm rumblin' outta town
'Cross the West side tracks
Drivin' my pa's flat bed
With a load a'chickens in the back
I'm a little illegal
But I ain't on fire
I got them hens tied down
With rope and chicken wire

Up in the cab me and Wilson
We got a shot
Between the noise from the engine
And them chickens squawking all about
There's a low bridge comin' up on 105
And if we don't make it man
Them feathers gonna fly, yeah

Now Wilson ain't bad lookin', 'cept he's kinda shy
Told him I got him a girl in rails tonight
Well, she goes by the name of Beverly Jean
She got eyes like a jack rabbit
Starin' dead in your high

On her bureau
The World Trade Centers glow
When she turns 'em upside down
Well, they're covered in snow
All Wilson says is
I don't know
Wayne I don't know."

I took a hard turn, just south of the Kokomo
Our rope gave out, my load shifted
We was all over the road
Pens bustin' on the blacktop
Chickens scatterin' all about
Runnin' hellbent 'cross the highway
Gettin' turned inside out
By the local commuters, at sixty miles per hour
In five minutes it was all over, except for the flowers

That flatbed was sideways, in a drainage ditch
There weren't no way she was movin', without a crane and a hitch
When the highway patrol came in, and set up a road block
We was chasin' some survivors 'cross the parkin' lot
Well I stood up and checked our situation at hand
Lord don't let me spend my life as a delivery man


Recorded for Born in the USA.

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