Down the Road Apiece

If you wanna hear some boogie, then I know the place
It's just an old piano and a knocked out bass
The drummer man's a guy they call Eight Beat Mac
You remember Doc and old Beat Me Daddy Slack
Mammy's sellin' chicken fried in bacon grease
Well come along with me boys it's just down the road a piece.

Now there's a place you really get your kicks
It's open every night about twelve to six
If you wanna hear some boogie then you'll get your fill
Puts the eight beat to you like an old steam mill
Come along with me boys 'fore they lose their lease
It's just down the road, down the road a piece.



Live history

"Down the Road Apiece" has been performed live a total of 17 times.
First known performance:
1971-12-17, New Brunswick, NJ
The Bruce Springsteen Band
Last known performance:
2019-04-13, New York, NY

Release history

Total releases: 1
Joe Grushecky & the Houserockers, Down the Road Apiece Live, contribution, 1999-10-19