(Drop on Down and) Cover Me

Times are tough there baby
It's getting tougher now
This world is rough honey
it's just getting rougher now

They're on top there baby
Just tryin' to score
Seen enough, honey
I don't wanna see no more
Drop on down and cover me

Sometimes girl I just wanna
Leave it all behind us
Hold me in your arms
tonight let's let our love blind us

Inside I feel the pain
The hatred and the sorrow
I wanna shut the light baby
Come on and shut the door
Drop on down and cover me

I just wanna close my eyes and
Let your love surround me
I wanna close my heart
To this world around me

The anger and the heartlessness
All the good things guilty
Come closer baby
Closer still now
Drop on down and cover me


An early and, according to many fans, superior version of "Cover Me" recorded for the Born in the USA album.


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