All I Need

Some men need riches and lots of money to spend
Some men need power to hold over other men
But not me baby, girl you can believe
I'm telling you my darling

you're all I need
you're all I need
you're all I need
In this world girl

Some men need fine clothes, big diamond rings
To feel like somebody some men need expensive things
But I feel like somebody, girl, every time you look at me
I don't need nothing to remind me that

Some men need a fine home on a far hillside
Some men need a big car to show off as they ride
Some men need a pretty woman just to walk by their side
And some men need to see the fear in another man's eyes
But all I need baby, is all I can see
When you wrap your loving arms around me


Written for Gary US Bonds and released on his album On the Line from 1981 with Bruce on backup vocals.


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Gary U.S. Bonds, On the Line, contribution, 1982-06