All the Way Home

I know what it's like to have failed baby
With the whole world lookin' on
I know what it's like to have been so sure
Wake up and find it all gone

Now you've got no reason to trust me
And tonight my confidence is a little rusty
It's getting late
And if you don't feel leavin' alone
Well maybe I can walk you baby
All the way home

Our old fears and failures
Well they do linger
Like the shadow of that ring
That was on your finger
Well those days darling,
Those days are dead and gone
Oh I could walk you baby
All the way home

Now there's things no one can rearrange
We both have yesterdays that we can't change
It's closing time - bartender's ringing last call
These days I don't stand on pride and
I've learned how to take a fall
Now the time has come
And if your first choice - he's gone
Well that's alright baby
'Cause I can walk you all the way home
All the way home
All the way home


Written as a slow ballad for Southside Johnny and released on his album Better Days in 1992 before its surprising inclusion on Bruce's own Devils & Dust album in a completely reworked uptempo version.


Live history

"All the Way Home" has been performed live a total of 26 times.
First known performance:
1992-07-30, East Rutherford, NJ
World Tour
Last known performance:
2006-10-25, Santander, Spain
Seeger Sessions Tour

Release history

Total releases: 2
Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes, Better Days, contribution, 1991-10
Bruce Springsteen, Devils and Dust, album, 2005-04-26