A Good Man Is Hard to Find (Pittsburgh)

It's cloudy out in Pittsburgh
It's raining in Saigon
Snow's fallin' all across the Michigan line
Well she sits by the lights of the Christmas tree
With the radio softly on
Thinkin' how a good man is so hard to find

Well once she had a fella
Once she was somebody's girl
And she gave all she had that one last time
Now there's a little girl asleep in the back room
She's gonna have to tell about the meanness in this world
And how a good man is so hard to find

Well there's pictures on the table by her bed
him in his dress greens and her in her wedding white
She remembers how the world was the day he left
And nw how that world is dead
And a good man is so hard to find

She got time now for Casanovas
Yeah those days are gone
She don't want that anymore, she's made up het minde
just somebody told her
As the nights get on
When a good man is so hard to find

Well she shuts off the TV
And without a word
Into bed she climbs
Well she thinks how it was all so wasted
And how expendable their dreams all were
When a good man was so hard to find
Well it's cloudy out in Pittsburgh


Recorded for Born in the USA. Never performed live, although it was soundchecked to a show in Pittsburgh in April 2000.

The song shares the title with a short story by Flannery O'Connor who was a big inspiration to Bruce at the time.

Live history

"A Good Man Is Hard to Find (Pittsburgh)" has been performed live a total of 2 times.
First known performance:
2005-05-10, St. Paul, MN
Devils & Dust Tour
Last known performance:
2010-11-04, Pittsburgh, PA

Release history

Total releases: 1
Bruce Springsteen, Tracks, compilation, 1998-11-10