Janey Don't You Lose Heart

You got your book baby with all your fears
Let me, honey, and I'll catch your tears
I'll take your sorrow if you want me to
Come tomorrow that's what I'll do
Listen to me

Janey don't you lose heart
Janey don't you lose heart
Janey don't you lose heart
Janey don't you lose heart

Well you say you got no new dreams to touch
You feel like a stranger babe who knows too much
Well you come home late and get undressed
You lie in bed, feel this emptiness
Well listen to me

'Til every river runs dry
Until the sun honey's torn from the sky
'Til every fear you've felt burst free
And gone tumblin' down into the sea
Listen to me


Live history

"Janey Don't You Lose Heart" has been performed live a total of 28 times.
First known performance:
1985-09-27, Los Angeles, CA
Born in the USA Tour
Last known performance:
2017-02-14, Brisbane, Australia
Summer '17 Tour

Release history

Total releases: 2
Bruce Springsteen, Tracks, compilation, 1998-11-10
Bruce Springsteen, 18 Tracks, compilation, 1999-04-13