Unsatisfied Heart

Sir I am a pilgrim and a stranger in this land
Once I had a home here, my salvation was at hand
I lived in a house of gold yeah on the far hill side
I had two beautiful children and a kind and loving wife

Can you live with unsatisfied heart, can you live
With unsatisfied heart, can you live
With unsatisfied heart, can you live
With unsatisfied heart

And one day a man came to town with nothing and nowhere to go
He came to me and he mentioned something I'd done a long time ago
I allowed him into my home on his vow that secret wouldn't see the light
At night I lay awake in my wife's arms she sighed Joe are you alright


Day after day, time yeah time passed on by
But I could feel myself changing yeah changing deep inside

One night I woke up and as my wife did sleep
I got dressed in the darkness and I fled into the street


Night after night the same dream keeps comin round
I'm standing high on the green hills on the outskirts of town
The night air fills my lungs and rustles my shirt
I can see the house where we live the building where I used to work

As I draw near the town's lit by a red summer moon
I feel your arms around me
I wake up in this room



Outtake from Bruce's solo sessions in 1983.

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