Born on the Bayou

When I was just a little boy
Standin' to my daddy's knee
My papa said
Son, don't let the man getcha
And do what he done to me

And I can remember the Fourth of July
Runnin' through the backwoods bare
And I can still hear that old hound dog barkin'
Chasin' down a hoodoo there

Born on the bayou

Wish I was back on the bayou
Rollin' with some Cajun queen
Wish I was on a fast freight train
Just a-chooglin' on down to New Orleans


Bruce did this with John Fogerty himself after inducting him into the Rock 'n' Rol Hall of fame in 1993.


Live history

"Born on the Bayou" has been performed live a total of 6 times.
First known performance:
1987-01-20, New York, NY
Last known performance:
2015-08-01, Asbury Park, NJ

Release history

Total releases: 0
This song has not been released.