I Wish I Were Blind

I love to see the cottonwood blossom
In the early spring
I love to see the message of love
That the bluebird brings
But when I see you walkin' with him
Down along the strand
I wish I were blind
When I see you with your man

I love to see your hair shining
In the long summer's light
I love to watch the stars fill the sky
On a summer night
The music plays you take his hand
I watch how you touch him as you start to dance
And I wish I were blind
When I see you with your man

We struggle here but all our love's in vain
Oh these eyes that once filled me with your beauty
Now fill me with pain
And the light that once entered here
Is banished from me
And this darkness is all baby that my heart sees

And though this world is filled
With the grace and beauty of God's hand
Oh I wish I were blind
When I see you with your man



Live history

"I Wish I Were Blind" has been performed live a total of 19 times.
First known performance:
1992-06-17, Stockholm, Sweden
World Tour
Last known performance:
2014-02-23, Hunter Valley, Australia
High Hopes Tour

Release history

Total releases: 4
Bruce Springsteen, In Concert - Plugged, movie, 1992
Bruce Springsteen, Human Touch, album, 1992-03-31
Bruce Springsteen, In Concert - Plugged, live, 1993-04-24
Bruce Springsteen, The Album Collection Vol. 2, rerelease, 2018-05-18