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Bruce Springsteen has been the subject of thousands of newspaper and magazine articles, from mere mentions of a young, upcoming artist in the early Seventies in the local press, to, later on, major interviews in the world's most renowned publications. This is a drop in the ocean of what has been written, but it's still one of the largest collections of Springsteen articles anywhere. Here you can find the famous cover stories in Time and Newsweek in 1975 and other famous stories, as well as more anonymous album and concert reviews from throughout the years. We also present here exclusive Greasy Lake articles written by our staff and contributors.

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Making of a Rock Star
Janet Huck, Peter S. Greenberg, Newsweek, 1975-10-27
Rock's New Sensation
Jay Cocks et al, Time, 1975-10-27
The Ascension of Bruce Springsteen
James R. Petersen, Playboy, 1976-03
Bruce: The myth just keeps on coming
Tony Parsons, New Musical Express, 1978-10-14
A Self Made Man
Wayne King, Trouser Press, 1980-10
Complete Bruce Springsteen discography
Peter Doggett, Record Collector, 1985-07
The Sanctification of Bruce Springsteen and the Rise of Mass Hip
John Lombardi, Esquire Magazine, 1988-12
Live Again, Springsteen Still Has Mettle
Gary Graff, Detroit Free Press, 1992-08-09
Springsteen chases the spirit - He's re-energizing his life both onstage and off
Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune, 1992-08-23
Heart of Darkness
Karen Schoemer, Newsweek, 1996-04
Still Looking For the Human Touch
Roelof Aucamp, Sunday Times Magazine, 1998-11-29
Bruce Springsteen: One Step Up
C. Bottomley, unknown, 2000-07-08
"Which Way The Wind Blows: What Has Happened To Protest Music?"
Grant Rosenberg, Gadfly, 2000-10
Bruce Springsteen: His Kind of Heroes, His Kind of Songs
Jon Pareles, New York Times, 2002-07-14
Hope Won Out
Robert Hilburn, Los Angeles Times, 2002-07-14
Springsteen's rock helps us heal
Rick Bird, Cincinnati Post, 2002-11-07
1979 casts shadow on Bruce's concert - 1,800 festival seats sold
Rick Bird, Cincinnati Post, 2002-11-09
Tramps like us
Chris Rose, The Times-Picayune, 2002-11-11
Boycott backers: Bruce is hypocrite
Craig Garretson, Cincinnati Post, 2002-11-12
Bruce Springsteen: Rising to the occasion
Sean Piccoli, Sun-Sentinel, 2002-11-22
His Hometown
Kevin Coyne, New Jersey Monthly, 2002-12
Springsteen Rising - Current Tour Highlights Range of Springsteen?s Shows
Kevin Oliver, South Carolina Free Times, 2002-12-04
A walk with the Boss
various, The State, 2002-12-08
Springsteen: A fan?s man - They?ll travel for miles, wait hours to see Bruce
Jeffrey Day, The State, 2002-12-10
unknown headline
Peggy McGlone, Newark Star Ledger, 2002-12-22
Why the coolest bands in pop are bowing down before Bruce Springsteen
?, The Independent, 2007-05-15