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Bruce Springsteen has been the subject of thousands of newspaper and magazine articles, from mere mentions of a young, upcoming artist in the early Seventies in the local press, to, later on, major interviews in the world's most renowned publications. This is a drop in the ocean of what has been written, but it's still one of the largest collections of Springsteen articles anywhere. Here you can find the famous cover stories in Time and Newsweek in 1975 and other famous stories, as well as more anonymous album and concert reviews from throughout the years. We also present here exclusive Greasy Lake articles written by our staff and contributors.

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Return of the Native
Mike Greenblatt, The Aquarian, 1978
Lawdamercy, Springsteen Saves!
Robert Duncan, Creem, 1978-10
The Stranger
Dave Dimartino, Creem, 1981-01
Landau's Creative Touch with Springsteen
Thom Duffy, Billboard, 1992-06-13
Springsteen - The Q Interview
David Hepworth, Q, 1992-08
Born Again
Mans Ivarsson, Beats, 1992-08
[radio interview]
, WUNAW-FM, 1992-08-07
Ambition, Lies, The Beautiful Reward
Bill Flanagan, Musician, 1992-11
[TV interview]
, MTV Europe, 1993-03
The Boss's back
Bill Flanagan, Vox, 1993-03
[Radio interview]
, Dutch radio, 1993-05
[Radio interview]
, RAI, 1993-05
4/16/93 - Sheffield, England
David Sinclair, Rolling Stone, 1993-06-24
[Radio interview]
Bob Costas, Various radio stations, 1995
Human Touch
Neil Strauss, Guitar World, 1995-10
Bruce Springsteen: The Advocate Interview
Judy Wieder, The Advocate, 1996
Rock and Read
Will Percy, Double Take, 1996
Working Class Hero
Gary Graff, Guitar World Acoustic, 1996
Hey Joad, Don't Make It Sad... (Oh, Go On Then)
Gavin Martin, New Musical Express, 1996-03-09
Springsteen Backtracks - Columbia Box Surveys Music Off The Record
Melinda Newman, Billboard, 1998-11-07
Into the Fire
Adam Sweeting, Uncut, 2002-09
The Big man's keeping busy!
Paul Lomartire, Palm Beach Post, 2002-11-01
With 'Temple,' Clemons finds harmony
Dave Sheiber, St. Petersburg Times, 2002-11-06
A call from New Jersey - When Springsteen phones, Lofgren puts his solo career on hold
Michael Miller, The State, 2002-12-06
People of the Year - Bruce Springsteen
Anthony DeCurtis, Rolling Stone, 2002-12-12
Rock Revival: Little Steven's Underground Garage
H. Andrew Schwartz, Fox News, 2002-12-15
"We've Been Misled"
Jann S. Wenner, Rolling Stone, 2004-09-22
Bruce Kicks Up "Dust"
Brian Hiatt, Rolling Stone, 2005-04-06
A fan's eye view
Nick Hornby, The Observer, 2005-07-17
The third act of Steven Van Zandt
unknown, The Observer, 2005-12-04
For Springsteen, 'Seeger Sessions' sends a message; Today's fans can relate to folk music
Edna Gundersen, USA Today, 2006-06-07
Boss' energy helps revive folk classics
Paul Liberatore, Oakland Tribune, 2006-06-08
In Love With Pop, Uneasy With the World
A. O. Scott, New York Times, 2007-09-30
Max Weinberg provides an insider's tour of life on E Street
Ben Wener, Orange County Register, 2008-04-04
The Rock Laureate
Jon Pareles, The New York Times, 2009-01-28
Bruce Springsteen, tour 2009: working on a dream
Geoff Boucher, Los Angeles Times, 2009-04-05
Clarence Clemons Rocks On
Judy Alexandra DiEdwardo, Arthritis Today Magazine, 2009-06-17
Overtime with Bruce Springsteen
Joe Heim, Washington Post, 2009-12-04