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Bruce Springsteen has been the subject of thousands of newspaper and magazine articles, from mere mentions of a young, upcoming artist in the early Seventies in the local press, to, later on, major interviews in the world's most renowned publications. This is a drop in the ocean of what has been written, but it's still one of the largest collections of Springsteen articles anywhere. Here you can find the famous cover stories in Time and Newsweek in 1975 and other famous stories, as well as more anonymous album and concert reviews from throughout the years. We also present here exclusive Greasy Lake articles written by our staff and contributors.

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Growing Young with Rock and Roll
Jon Landau, The Real Paper, 1974-05-22
The Boss' Triumphant Return
Dave Marsh, Rolling Stone, 1978-07-27
Bruce Springsteen
Harry Sumrall, Washington Post, 1978-08-17
Human Touch/Lucky Town
, International Herald Tribune, 1992-03
Has The Boss Lost His Touch?
Chris Dafoe, Globe & Mail, 1992-03-28
"Springsteen is still searching for love and salvation"
Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune, 1992-03-29
A Springsteen double-header
Lloyd Sachs, Chicago Sun Times, 1992-03-29
The Boss Feels Good
Robert Hilburn, Los Angeles Times, 1992-03-29
Human Touch/Lucky Town
Edna Gundersen, USA Today, 1992-03-30
Human Touch/Lucky Town
David Hepworth, Q, 1992-04
Soul of the Departed - Springsteen Writes A New Contract
Steve Erickson, Los Angeles Weekly, 1992-04-03
Reborn, and Running Again
Jay Cocks, Time, 1992-04-06
Springsteen's albums strike familiar chord
Craig Monk, New Foundland Herald, 1992-04-25
The Local Hero Leaves Town
Bill Flanagan, Musician, 1992-05
Rock 'n' Roll Redemption
Robert Santelli, CD Review, 1992-05
Springsteen proves he's still in charge - Palace show is perfect blend of old and new
Gary Graff, Detroit Free Press, 1992-08-18
"Maybe everything that dies one day comes back."
Stewart Francke, The Metro Times, 1992-09-02
Springsteen Bolts Between Old, New
Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune, 1992-09-04
A Double Dose of Springsteen -- First TV Concert is a Superior Treat
Phil Kloer, The Atlanta Constitution, 1992-11-11
Bruce Springsteen Shows That He's No Longer the 'Boss'
Larry Hoyt, Syracuse Post, 1992-11-14
Springsteen Rouses His Faithful With Energetic Spirit and Song
Steve Dollar, Atlanta Constitution, 1992-12
Bruce Springsteen at Boston Garden
Larry Katz, Boston Herald, 1992-12
The evolving Springsteen tour returns to Spectrum
Tom Moon, Philadelphia Inquirer, 1992-12-09
Springsteen rocks, amen - The Boss' church meeting at the Garden sends fans into a frenzy
Jim Sullivan, Boston Globe, 1992-12-15
Rupp concert proves Boss still has touch
Walter Tunis, Lexington Herald-Leader, 1992-12-18
Warming Up The Boss - Lets Go In A Pre-Tour Show
Barbara Jaeger, The Record, 1993-03-25
Still Credible After All These Years
Eamonn McCann, Hot Press, 1993-05-21
In 'Joad,' Springsteen answers ghost of his past
Edna Gundersen, USA Today, 1995-11
The Gripes of Boss
Steve Sutherland, New Musical Express, 1995-11-18
Bruce Springsteen: The Ghost of Tom Joad
Joel Selvin, San Francisco Chronicle, 1995-11-19
Solemn soliloquy
Tom Moon, The Philadelphia Inquirer, 1995-11-19
Bruce Springsteen: The Ghost of Tom Joad
Jon Pareles, The New York Times, 1995-11-19
A never-ending Depression is Springsteen's latest focus
Matty Karas, Asbury Park Press (?), 1995-11-19
Springsteen's 'Joad' revisits the disposessed
Roger Catlin, Hartford Courant, 1995-11-20
Book on Poor Inspired Springsteen
Janet Rae-Dupree, San Jose Mercury News, 1995-11-21
Rite of Springsteen
David Browne, Entertainment Weekly, 1995-11-25
Back to the Badlands
Karen Schoemer, Newsweek, 1995-11-27
Border Music
Christopher John Farley, Time, 1995-12-04
The Ghost of Tom Joad
Andrew Abrahams, People, 1995-12-04
Guthrie's Ghost
David Corn, The Nation, 1995-12-11
?Tracks' shows Springteen still on the search
Tom Moon, Knight Ridder Newspapers, 1998-11
Spare Parts
David Browne, Entertainment Weekly, 1998-11
Gary Graff, Wall of Sound, 1998-11
Even Springsteen's throwaways are keepers
Thor Christensen, The Dallas Morning Herald, 1998-11-06
Born to Run, or at Least to Be Redeemed
Jon Pareles, The New York Times, 2000-06-13
Save Me Somebody: Bruce Springsteen's Rock 'n' Roll Covenant
Cornel Bonca, Killing the Bhudda, 2001
Incident in New York City
Robert Cotto, The Torch, 2001
Hard to Be a Saint
Gina Arnold, Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper, 2001-07-19
Serious Springsteen moves packed arena
Jay Lustig, The Star Ledger, 2002-08-08
Springsteen opens tour in scintillating style
Elysa Gardner, USA Today, 2002-08-08