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Bruce Springsteen has been the subject of thousands of newspaper and magazine articles, from mere mentions of a young, upcoming artist in the early Seventies in the local press, to, later on, major interviews in the world's most renowned publications. This is a drop in the ocean of what has been written, but it's still one of the largest collections of Springsteen articles anywhere. Here you can find the famous cover stories in Time and Newsweek in 1975 and other famous stories, as well as more anonymous album and concert reviews from throughout the years. We also present here exclusive Greasy Lake articles written by our staff and contributors.

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Springsteen marks anniversary his way
Carl Wilson, The Globe and Mail, 2003-09-11
The ideal Boss
Mary Dickie, Toronto Sun, 2003-09-11
Boss under a night sky
Vit Wagner, Toronto Star, 2003-09-11
The Boss, Walking the Line at FedEx
Joe Heim, Washington Post, 2003-09-15
Springsteen, Weinberg show delivers holiday cheer
Chris Jordan, Asbury Park Press, 2003-12-06
Springsteen's Gift to His Hometown
Roger Friedman, Fox News, 2003-12-08
Kerry on!
Jim Farber, New York Daily News, 2004-10-02
Rocking and Rolling Them to the Polls
Ann Gerhart, Washington Post, 2004-10-02
In politics, Bruce rocks the boat
Regina Medina, Philadelphia Daily News, 2004-10-02
Songs of Protest
Randy Abramson, Newsweek, 2004-10-02
[Review, Gund Arena, Cleveland, OH, Oct. 2, 2004]
John Soeder, Cleveland Plain Dealer, 2004-10-03
The Springsteen Solution
Kenneth S. Baer, The American Prospect, 2004-10-05
Springsteen tries to hit the right note at Xcel
John Welsh, St. Paul Pioneer Press, 2004-10-06
Bruce pays Orlando a rocking visit
Jennifer Kay, Orlando Sentinel, 2004-10-09
Springsteen's Political Poetry
John Nichols, The Nation, 2004-10-29
Rockin? In the Free World With Springsteen
Nancy Grimley Carleton, Berkeley Daily Planet, 2004-11-15
Springsteen to the Rescue
Brad Hundt, Rolling Stone, 2004-12-13
With A Little Help From Our Friends
Maureen Shames, Greasy Lake, 2005-04-02
Bruce's show spans career
Richard Huff, New York Daily News, 2005-04-05
Boss performs in Red Bank
Alison Waldman, Asbury Park Press, 2005-04-05
Review of "Devils & Dust" Sneak Preview
Maureen Shames, Greasy Lake, 2005-04-16
Bruce Almighty
Leon McDermott, Sunday Herald, 2005-04-24
Springsteen's latest pays homage to Steinbeck and Dylan
Thor Christensen, The Dallas Morning News, 2005-04-24
Devils & Dust (review)
David Fricke, Rolling Stone, 2005-05
The Boss unplugged
Sarfraz Manzoor, The Guardian, 2005-05-01
Springsteen captivates Glendale crowd with acoustic show
Larry Rodgers, The Arizona Republic, 2005-05-01
No dust on Springsteen's Devils
Michael D. Clark, Houston Chronicle, 2005-05-02
Bruce Springsteen
Tom Roland, Hollywood Reporter, 2005-05-03
Bruce Springsteen, grizzled blues man?
George Varga, Associated Press, 2005-05-04
Springsteen plays Oakland
Brad Kava, Mercury News, 2005-05-06
Springsteen suits himself in solo acoustic show at the Paramount
Joel Selvin, San Francisco Chronicle, 2005-05-07
Springsteen flies solo - and the artist soars
Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune, 2005-05-13
Bruce's campfire stories even better downsized
Thomas Conner, Chicago Sun Times, 2005-05-13
Springsteen spellbinding in solo show
Kevin O'Hare, The Republican, 2005-05-23
A master of reinvention
David Cheal, Daily Telegraph, 2005-05-26
Bruce Springsteen Plays With Fire as Devils & Dust Tour Strikes N.J.
Maureen Shames, Greasy Lake, 2005-05-27
Bruce Springsteen, Royal Albert Hall, London
Ludovic Hunter-Tilney, Financial Times, 2005-05-30
Intimate Boss rouses mature crowd
Allan Wigney, Ottawa Sun, 2005-07-14
The Boss still has intimate warmth
Patrick Langston, The Ottawa Citizen, 2005-07-14
The Boss knows best, rules and all
Ben Rayner, Toronto Star, 2005-07-15
Live Review: Bruce Springsteen in Toronto
Jane Stevenson, Toronto Sun, 2005-07-15
The Boss, and only the Boss
Michael Eck, Albany Times Union, 2005-07-17
The genius of Springsteen on display
Jeff Miers, Buffalo News, 2005-07-19
The Boss nails it - all by himself
Nick Marino, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 2005-07-25
Springsteen Stands Alone -- Brilliantly
David Menconi, The News & Observer, 2005-07-26
Blue-collar bard, white-collar ticket prices
Jeri Rowe,, 2005-07-28
An evening with The Boss
Rick Bird, The Cincinnati Post, 2005-08-02
Springsteen keeps it quiet
Gemma Tarlach, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2005-08-07
Springsteen enters new territory yet reaffirms his roots at Fox
Vahe Gregorian, St. Louis Post Dispatch, 2005-08-08
Quiet now: The Boss has something to say
Gene Stout, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 2005-08-12