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Bruce Springsteen has been the subject of thousands of newspaper and magazine articles, from mere mentions of a young, upcoming artist in the early Seventies in the local press, to, later on, major interviews in the world's most renowned publications. This is a drop in the ocean of what has been written, but it's still one of the largest collections of Springsteen articles anywhere. Here you can find the famous cover stories in Time and Newsweek in 1975 and other famous stories, as well as more anonymous album and concert reviews from throughout the years. We also present here exclusive Greasy Lake articles written by our staff and contributors.

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Springsteen shows who's The Boss
Tom Harrison, Vancouver Province, 2005-08-14
Concert Reviews: Bruce Springsteen
Adrian Mack,, 2005-08-18
New Springsteen DVD is about the man as well as his music
Kelly-Jane Cotter, Asbury Park Press, 2005-09-03
Born to talk: DVD shows Bruce Springsteen's a master `Storyteller'
Larry Katz, Boston Herald, 2005-09-05
The Boss makes arena intimate
Ray Kelly, The Republican, 2005-10-10
Flyin' Solo, 1st Class
Isaac Guzm, New York Post, 2005-10-11
Silence is golden: reverence for the Boss
Rafer Guzm, Newsday, 2005-10-12
Rock Tales From The Swamps of Jersey: Bruce Springteen?s VH1 Storyteller?s DVD
Maureen Shames, Greasy Lake, 2005-10-16
Springsteen shows what we've missed
Rob Thomas, The Capital Times, 2005-10-17
Solo Springsteen narrows gap between old, new
Rick Massimo, Providence Journal, 2005-10-22
Steel Mill Retro Releases Springsteen Gems In: The Dead Sea Chronicles
Maureen Shames, Greasy Lake, 2005-10-29
Springsteen's solo act needs a smaller venue
Steve Morse, Boston Globe, 2005-10-29
Bruce rocks his softer side
Christopher Blagg, Boston Herald, 2005-10-29
Bruce almighty
Sean Daly, St. Petersburg Times, 2005-11-05
Springsteen Gives Crowd 'Reason To Believe'
Curtis Ross, The Tampa Tribune, 2005-11-05
Springsteen creates an intimate show with house rules
Jim Abbott, Orlando Sentinel, 2005-11-05
Concert review: Bruce Springsteen at the Constant Center
April Phillips, Virginian Pilot, 2005-11-12
Not 1, but 2 Bruces
Sam McDonald, Daily Press, 2005-11-12
Reissue re-establishes Springsteen's "Born to Run" as a cornerstone
Bill Zaferos,, 2005-11-16
Documentary shows Bruce was boss
Michael Heaton, The Plain Dealer, 2005-12-02
Devils and Dust
Chua Chern Toong, Malaysia Star, 2006-01
The Seeger Session Tour Was Made For You And Me?
Maureen Shames, Greasy Lake special writer, Greasy Lake, 2006-04-23
Springsteen and 'the turning of a tide'
Randy Lewis, Los Angeles Times, 2006-04-30
Bruce Springsteen
Keith Spera's, The Times-Picayune, 2006-05-01
Bruce Springsteen, The Point, Dublin
?, The Independent, 2006-05-06
The Boss evokes New Orleans
Adam Sweeting, The Guardian, 2006-05-07
Bruce Springsteen @ M.E.N. Arena
Kevin Bourke, Manchester Evening News, 2006-05-07
Folk? He's boss of that, too
Pete Paphides, The Times, 2006-05-08
Herbronnen met Bruce
Peter Vantyghem, De Standaard, 2006-05-12
Springsteen voorop in de polonaise ; alles mocht, zolang het maar vooroorlogs was
Peter Van Brummelen, Het Parool, 2006-05-17
Troostrijke uren met 'The Boss'
Gijsbert Kamer, De Volkskrant, 2006-05-18
Bruce Springsteen begeistert 8000 Fans in Frankfurt
?, Frankfurter Neue Presse, 2006-05-19
Politik & Spa? & Whisky
Sylvia Staude, Frankfurter Rundschau, 2006-05-19
Fullstendig Springstoned
Gaute Tyssebotn, Side 2, 2006-05-20
Stein ?stb?, VG, 2006-05-21
Asbj?rn Bakke, Aftenposten, 2006-05-22
Lysande, Bossen
H?kan Steen, Aftonbladet, 2006-05-22
"Inte l?tt att spela folkmusik"
Po Tidholm, Dagens Nyheter, 2006-05-22
"Bossen blir tr?ttsam i l?ngden"
Dan Backman, Svenska Dagbladet, 2006-05-22
Boss jazzes up folk with a rockin? jolt
Christopher Blagg, Boston Herald, 2006-05-28
Detour From E Street
J. Freedom du Lac, Washington Post, 2006-05-30
Concert inspired by Seeger, New Orleans
Curtis Schieber, The Columbus Dispatch, 2006-05-31
'The Boss' doesn't forget the fun
David Lindquist, The Indianapolis Star, 2006-06-01
Springsteen's modern take on folk flies in Glendale
Larry Rodgers, The Arizona Republic, 2006-06-06
Springsteen and rollicking 'Seeger Sessions' band thrill Concord crowd
Tony Hicks, Contra Costa Times, 2006-06-07
The Boss and His Band Make a Joyful Noise at the Greek
Glenn Whipp, The Daily News of Los Angeles, 2006-06-07
Bruce Springsteen and the Seeger Sessions Band
Phil Gallo, Daily Variety, 2006-06-07
Sing along with Bruce and the band; Springsteen revels in his new folk mission at the Greek, but to fans, the Boss will always rock
Ann Powers, Los Angeles Times, 2006-06-07
Show Brings New Meaning to Vintage Music
Brad Kava, San Jose Mercury News, 2006-06-08
Springsteen gives old folk songs -- and a few of his own -- a mighty roar with his Seeger Sessions Band
Joel Selvin, San Francisco Chronicle, 2006-06-08