Bruce Springsteen Discography

Bruce Springsteen is known as a prolific writer, but not a frequent publisher of new music. However, during his long career he has by now managed to release a substantial catalogue og new albums, live albums, compilations, singles, and appeared on numerous other releases. This is an attempt to list as many of them as possible, although for a more complete listing of country specific releases, we recommend Lost in the Flood - The Bruce Springsteen Collector's Page

Various artists, various artists, 2014-03-31
Bruce Springsteen, maxisingle, 2014-04-19
Bruce Springsteen, rerelease, 2014-11-17
Bruce Springsteen, compilation, 2015-10-16
Bruce Springsteen, rerelease, 2015-12-04
Bruce Springsteen, compilation, 2016-09-23
Bruce Springsteen, rerelease, 2018-05-18
Various artists, various artists, 2018-10-19
Bruce Springsteen, live, 2018-12-14
Bruce Springsteen, album, 2019-06-14
Various artists, various artists, 2019-08-09
Bruce Springsteen, live, 2019-10-25
Bruce Springsteen, album, 2020-10-23

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