The Song Database

This is where you can look up every Bruce Springsteen song known to exist, whether it has been released on an album or its title has been scribbled down on a piece of paper found in a studio. And it doesn't stop there. The database also includes all the cover songs Bruce has performed in concert. Every entry contains information, where known, about release history, live performance history, lyrics, and more.

A dedicated section includes chords to most songs Bruce Springsteen has released.

All Songs A-Z

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Song Title Writer
(Drop on Down and) Cover Me Springsteen
(Fucked Up) Amplifier Blues Springsteen
A Gun in Every Home Springsteen
A Love So Fine Springsteen
A Night Like This Springsteen
A Winter's Revelation (In 9 Illusions) Springsteen
Action in the Street Springsteen
All I Need Springsteen
All I Want to Do Is Dance Springsteen
All Night Long (Breakout) Springsteen
Alone Springsteen
America Under Fire Springsteen
American Dream Springsteen
American Tune Springsteen
Angel's Blues Springsteen
Angelina Springsteen
Arabian Nights Springsteen
Baby Doll Springsteen
Baby Don't Go Springsteen
Baby I'm So Cold Springsteen
Baby, What You Want Me to Do? Jimmy Reed
Balboa vs. the Earthslayer Springsteen
Ballad of Elmer and Pea Springsteen
Ballad of the Self Loading Pistol Springsteen
Before the Flood Springsteen
Benjamin, Marcus, Cald Springsteen
Betty Jean Springsteen
Between Heaven and Earth Springsteen
Billy Boy Springsteen
Black Night in Babylon Springsteen
Black Sun a Rising Springsteen
Black Widow Spider (Mary Louise Watson) Springsteen
Blindspot Springsteen
Bo Diddley Rocker Springsteen
Bo Diddley's a Gunslinger Springsteen
Border Guard Springsteen
Bottle of Red Wine Springsteen
Burnin' Train Bruce Springsteen
Busted Springsteen
California Blues Springsteen
California You're a Woman Springsteen
Calvin Jones and the Thirteenth Apostle Springsteen
Camilla Horne Springsteen
Casper Springsteen
Chain Lightning Springsteen
Change It (Revolution) Springsteen
Chasing a Chevrolet Springsteen
Cherokee Queen Springsteen
Chevrolet Deluxe Springsteen
Child Bride Springsteen