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This is where you can look up every Bruce Springsteen song known to exist, whether it has been released on an album or its title has been scribbled down on a piece of paper found in a studio. And it doesn't stop there. The database also includes all the cover songs Bruce has performed in concert. Every entry contains information, where known, about release history, live performance history, lyrics, and more.

A dedicated section includes chords to most songs Bruce Springsteen has released.

All Songs A-Z

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Song Title Writer
Dead Flowers Jagger, Richards
Dead Man Walkin' Springsteen
Death of a Good Man Springsteen
Death to My Hometown Springsteen
Deck the Halls ?
Dedication Springsteen
Deja Vu (All Over Again) Fogerty
Delivery Man Springsteen
Deportee (Plane Wreck at Los Gatos) Guthrie
Detroit Medley Long, Stevenson a.o.
Devil With the Blue Dress Long, Stevenson
Devil's Arcade Springsteen
Devils & Dust Springsteen
Diamonds by the Yard Elliot Murphy
Diddy Wah Diddy ?
Dirty Rotten Shame ?
Dirty Water Cobb
Disgusted Lucinda Williams
Disorder in the House Warren Zevon
Disorder in the House Warren Zevon
Do It With a Feeling Springsteen
Do You Hear What I Hear? Noel Regney, Gloria Shayne Baker
Do You Love Me? Cordy Jnr.
Do You Remember Rock N Roll Radio? Jeff Hyman, Douglas Colvin, John Cummings
Do You Wanna Dance? Freeman
Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street? Springsteen
Dollhouse Springsteen
Domino Van Morrison
Don't Back Down Springsteen
Don't Be Cruel Blackwell, Presley
Don't Change Ivan Barias, Taalib Johnson, Carvin Haggins
Don't Hang Up Dave Appell, Kal Mann
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood Springsteen
Don't Look Back Springsteen
Don't Lose Heart Springsteen
Don't Say No Springsteen
Don't Stop Believin' Schon, Cain, Perry
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right Bob Dylan
Don't You Want to Be an Outlaw? Springsteen
Double Shot of My Baby's Love Smith, Vetter
Down at the Club Springsteen
Down By the River Neil Young
Down Down Down Springsteen
Down in the Hole Springsteen
Down in the Valley Burke, Martin, Berns
Down on South Street ?
Down the Road Apiece Raye
Down to Mexico Springsteen
Downbound Train Springsteen
Dream Baby ?