The Song Database

This is where you can look up every Bruce Springsteen song known to exist, whether it has been released on an album or its title has been scribbled down on a piece of paper found in a studio. And it doesn't stop there. The database also includes all the cover songs Bruce has performed in concert. Every entry contains information, where known, about release history, live performance history, lyrics, and more.

A dedicated section includes chords to most songs Bruce Springsteen has released.

All Songs A-Z

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Song Title Writer
Nebraska Springsteen
New York City Serenade Springsteen
New York City Song Springsteen
New York Morning Love Springsteen
Night Springsteen
Night Fire Springsteen
No Need Springsteen
No Surrender Springsteen
None But the Brave Springsteen
Nothing Can Stop Me Now Springsteen
Nothing Man Springsteen
Oh Mama Why Springsteen
On a Day of the Cowboys Springsteen
On the Boulevard Springsteen
On the Prowl Springsteen
On the Road Springsteen
One Love Springsteen
One Step Up Springsteen
One Way Street Springsteen
Open All Night Springsteen
Orleans Springsteen
Out in the Street Springsteen
Out of Work Springsteen
Out on the Run Springsteen
Outlaw Pete Springsteen
Outside Looking In Springsteen
Over the Hills of St. Croix Springsteen
Over the Rise Springsteen
Paradise Springsteen
Paradise By the "C" Springsteen
Part Man, Part Monkey Springsteen
Pilgrim in the Temple of Love Springsteen
Pink Cadillac Springsteen
Point Blank Springsteen
Pony Boy Springsteen
Pretty Thing Springsteen
Prisoner of Wars Springsteen
Prodigal Son Springsteen
Protection Springsteen
Prove It All Night Springsteen
Queen of the Supermarket Springsteen
Racing in the Street Springsteen
Radio Nowhere Springsteen
Ramrod Springsteen
Randolph Street (Master of Electricity) Springsteen
Real Man Springsteen
Reason to Believe Springsteen
Red Headed Woman Springsteen
Rendezvous Springsteen
Reno Springsteen