The Song Database

This is where you can look up every Bruce Springsteen song known to exist, whether it has been released on an album or its title has been scribbled down on a piece of paper found in a studio. And it doesn't stop there. The database also includes all the cover songs Bruce has performed in concert. Every entry contains information, where known, about release history, live performance history, lyrics, and more.

A dedicated section includes chords to most songs Bruce Springsteen has released.

All Songs A-Z

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Song Title Writer
Something in the Night Springsteen
Something's Gotta Break Springsteen
Song For Harry Potter Springsteen
Song for Orphans Springsteen
Soul Driver Springsteen
Souls of the Departed Springsteen
Southern Son Springsteen
Southside Shuffle Springsteen
Spanish Eyes Springsteen
Spanish Rose Springsteen
Spare Parts Springsteen
Spirit in the Night Springsteen
Stand on It Springsteen
State Trooper Springsteen
Still There Springsteen
Stolen Car Springsteen
Straight Time Springsteen
Street Fight Springsteen
Street Queen Springsteen
Streets of Fire Springsteen
Streets of Philadelphia Springsteen
Sugarland Springsteen
Summer on Signal Hill Springsteen
Summertime (In My Mind) Springsteen
Sunline Springsteen
Sure Can Feel the Pain Springsteen
Surprise, Surprise Springsteen
Surrender at the Citadel Springsteen
Swallowed Up (In the Belly Of The Whale) Springsteen
Sweet Melinda Springsteen
T.V. Movie Springsteen
Take 'Em As They Come Springsteen
Take Me Down Springsteen
Talk to Me Springsteen
Talking About My Baby Springsteen
Taxi Cab Springsteen
Tell Me Mama, Why It's So Hard Springsteen
Temporary Out of Order Springsteen
Ten Commandments Springsteen
Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out Springsteen
Terry's Song Springsteen
Texas Springsteen
Texas Carnival Springsteen
That's What You Get Springsteen
The Angel Springsteen
The Ballad Springsteen
The Band's Just Boppin' the Blues Springsteen
The Big Muddy Springsteen
The Big Payback Springsteen
The Box Tops Springsteen