The Song Database

This is where you can look up every Bruce Springsteen song known to exist, whether it has been released on an album or its title has been scribbled down on a piece of paper found in a studio. And it doesn't stop there. The database also includes all the cover songs Bruce has performed in concert. Every entry contains information, where known, about release history, live performance history, lyrics, and more.

A dedicated section includes chords to most songs Bruce Springsteen has released.

All Songs A-Z

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Song Title Writer
Jeannie Needs a Shooter Springsteen
Jeannie, I Want to Thank You Springsteen
Jennifer Springsteen
Jesse Jesse James Springsteen
Jesus Was an Only Son Springsteen
Johnny 99 Springsteen
Johnny Bye Bye Springsteen
Jungleland Springsteen
Keep On Goin' Springsteen
Key to the Highway Springsteen
Killer's Paradise Springsteen
Kingdom of Days Springsteen
Kitty's Back Springsteen
Lady and the Doctor Springsteen
Lady of Boston Springsteen
Lady Walking Down by the River Springsteen
Land of Hope and Dreams Springsteen
Last Night in Tulsa Springsteen
Last to Die Springsteen
Latin Song Springsteen
Leah Springsteen
Leap of Faith Springsteen
Leavin' Train Springsteen
Let the Words Springsteen
Let's Be Friends (Skin to Skin) Springsteen
Life Itself Springsteen
Lift Me Up Springsteen
Light of Day Springsteen
Like a Stranger Springsteen
Linda Let Me Be the One Springsteen
Lion's Den Springsteen
Little Girl Springsteen
Little Girl Like You Springsteen
Little Girl So Fine Springsteen
Little White Lies Springsteen
Livin' in the Future Springsteen
Livin' in the Ghetto Springsteen
Livin' Rock'n Roll Springsteen
Living on the Edge of the World Springsteen
Living Proof Springsteen
Local Hero Springsteen
Lonely in the Park Springsteen
Lonely Street Springsteen
Lonesome Day Springsteen
Long Time Comin' Springsteen
Long Walk Home Springsteen
Long Way Home Springsteen
Look to the River Springsteen
Look Toward the Land Springsteen
Looking for Love Springsteen