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Springsteen Chords logoThe main goal in this project is to give you accurate information of how the officially released songs are played on the studio albums. Most of the transcriptions you can find on the net or in books are only an approach to the original songs. Either they are transcribed in the wrong key or a lot of breaks or solos are missing. What is being done here is not to transcribe every solo or fill-in but to list all breaks and main solos, so you can play the main parts of a song. But in lot of songs no guitar is used and in those cases, the chords and maybe the melodies that can be played on guitar have been transcribed.

This is a living database and it'll improve with time. But for this your help is needed. There are so many songs and so much work do to, so there is always the possibility of mistakes. Feel free to let your opinion be heard on the Union Street forum. If a consensus can be reached among the musicians frequenting the Union Street forum, an update will be made. You can also contribute chords that are missing in the collection, or diferent versions of songs. Just use the contact form where you can attach your text file.

It should be noted that the chords and tabs you find here are the work of fans and represent their interpretation of the songs. The copyright of the songs is owned by Bruce Springsteen. Otherwise it is noted in the header of a song's file.

Many thanks to Josef Schrefel for creating the original site and to Rainer Danner and all the other contributors for their ears & help!

All Songs With Chords A-Z

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Song Title Writer
Living Proof Springsteen
Local Hero Springsteen
Lonesome Day Springsteen
Long Black Veil Danny Dill, Marijohn Wilkin
Long Time Comin' Springsteen
Long Walk Home Springsteen
Loose Change Springsteen
Loose Ends Springsteen
Losin' Kind Springsteen
Lost in the Flood Springsteen
Lucky Man Springsteen
Lucky Town Springsteen
Magic Springsteen
Man at the Top Springsteen
Man's Job Springsteen
Mansion on the Hill Springsteen
Maria's Bed Springsteen
Mary Lou Springsteen
Mary Queen of Arkansas Springsteen
Mary's Place Springsteen
Matamoros Banks Springsteen
Meet Me in the City Springsteen
Meeting Across the River Springsteen
Merry Christmas Baby Baxter, Moore
Missing Springsteen
Mrs. McGrath traditional
Murder Incorporated Springsteen
My Beautiful Reward Springsteen
My Best Was Never Good Enough Springsteen
My City of Ruins Springsteen
My Father's House Springsteen
My Hometown Springsteen
My Love Will Not Let You Down Springsteen
My Lover Man Springsteen
My Oklahoma Home Agnes Cunningham
Nebraska Springsteen
New York City Serenade Springsteen
Night Springsteen
No Surrender Springsteen
None But the Brave Springsteen
Nothing Man Springsteen
Oh Mary Don't You Weep traditional
Old Dan Tucker traditional
One Love Springsteen
One Step Up Springsteen
Open All Night Springsteen
Out in the Street Springsteen
Outlaw Pete Springsteen
Outside Looking In Springsteen
Over the Rise Springsteen